Optimize maintenance, operations and spare parts


Metso experts conduct a tag by tag inspection to verify field device details. In addition to correctly identifying installed devices, visual condition is also assessed. Our installed base audit gives up-to-date and accurate information to ensure that spare parts are at hand and any issues are promptly identified. With this information, Metso can also recommend relevant maintenance activities to support plant availability, process performance and risk control.


  • Ensures availability of correct spare parts
  • Gives accurate and up-to-date information of field device types
  • Identifies issues or possible safety risks
  • Helps with upgrade and replacement planning
  • Optimizes cost of ownership and investment planning
  • Assists with obsolescence management
  • Simplifies shutdown maintenance planning

Build a better understanding of your installed base

Whatever valves and pumps you have, we can help you handle and optimize better your field devices.
  • Neles
  • Jamesbury
  • Mapag
  • Other manufacturer brands
  • Measurements for Metso and main brands

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