Valve maintenance

Through proper planning and condition-based maintenance, the intelligent maintenance solution helps limit costs and increase maintenance efficiency, while still achieving availability targets and maximizing process performance.

Optimize maintenance cost and time, high availability

High equipment availability is essential for the profitability of every plant. It is vital to detect faults early, schedule maintenance and carry out quality repairs, before production is impacted. Yet, it can be difficult to reach availability goals and to maximize process performance without soaring maintenance costs negating potential production gains.

Traditional methods of set time-interval maintenance can stretch the budget, as all equipment must be inspected or even removed from the process. Skill shortages and limited manpower can also prove to be an additional challenge when trying to maintain high levels of maintenance efficiency.

Streamlined maintenance with Metso Intelligent Maintenance

Metso’s intelligent valve maintenance solution uses prioritization and condition analysis to plan maintenance action based on need and condition, instead of potentially wasteful time-interval maintenance strategies. By understanding the importance of individual system elements, maintenance efficiency can be increased while reducing overall maintenance costs and lowering the risk of failure.

This intelligent approach spans all maintenance tasks through regular preventive maintenance and active expert monitoring of the condition and performance of the most important system components. We concentrate resources to those devices which have the most significant impact on production efficiency, where the economic value is the greatest, and where you will see the fastest payback.

Improved overall equipment efficiency, reduced costs, better production availability

Metso’s intelligent maintenance business solution is centered on condition-based maintenance and proper preventative planning, which efficiently directs maintenance and service only to those devices requiring attention. This helps eliminate unnecessary maintenance, saving on costs, while still revealing which devices are at risk for failure.

  • Improved production availability
  • Improved maintenance efficiency
  • Maintenance cost reduction
  • Optimized maintenance planning
  • Reduced total cost of asset ownership