Valve Performance Management

Valve Performance Management

Predict and prevent valve issues

Valve Performance Management is a custom service that will maintain optimal valve performance, extend valve life, focus maintenance resources, minimize unplanned downtime, reduce risk and total cost of ownership.
Total Cost of Valve Ownership
Total Cost of Valve Ownership


Maintain optimal valve performance

Resolve excessive travel, air supply, stiction, air leakage and other valve issues that ultimately affect process stability and reliability.

Extend valve life

Avoid premature failures. Identify problems and performance issues that cause premature wear and aging.

Focus maintenance resources

Prioritize and direct attention to valves that need repair. Improve communication, efficiency and safety in maintenance operations.

Minimize unplanned downtime

Identify the root cause of failure. Preventative action reduces the risk of operator error, poor maintenance, hardware and/or software issues.

Reduce risk and total cost of ownership

Optimize spares and stocks according to criticality, cost, lifecycle and shutdown plans.


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