Reduce workplace risks with Metso safety business solution

Metso safety business solution offers the expertise needed to improve workplace safety.

Metso safety business solution offers the expertise needed to improve workplace safety. Minimize safety risks, reduce lost time injury rate

Safety cannot be put at risk in any circumstances. A small misconfiguration or a poor quality repair can have serious consequences, leading to serious accidents or even death for an employee or a member of the public.

It is important to be equipped with the appropriate expertise and safety processes in order to be able to achieve a safer working environment and to fully comply with related legislation. When proper safety measures are in place, this can also reduce the plant’s insurance costs. Ultimately, the correct safety measures reduce lost time injury rate (LTIR) and help in the overall prevention of accidents and injuries.

Identify hazards and improve workplace safety with Metso Safety solution

Metso will work with you to identify possible safety risks and to ensure that safety systems are functioning properly. A safety audit is carried out by a Metso expert, and any data from these inspections will be documented and reviewed with the customer.

Suggested actions are then given to remedy any safety hazards or related issues. From a regulatory perspective, we will make sure that you comply with necessary safety regulations and legislation.

Comply with legislation, reduce workplace accidents and injury

Metso will work with you to improve the safety of your plant and maintain properly functioning automation system safety equipment. We help you have the appropriate safety protocols in place in order to reduce the threat of accidents or serious injury to personnel and to ensure that you comply with safety legislation and regulations.

  • Improves safety working practices
  • Ensures proper functioning automation system safety equipment
  • Reduces potential safety hazards
  • Reduces accidents and injury
  • Comply with safety legislation

Metso’s safety business solution brings real results

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