Improve employee know-how, reduce risks to production and safety


Metso offers a variety of training courses, so that each employee can be sure to have the know-how to get the most out of Metso Flow Control's products and features. By developing workplace competence, safety and production risks can also be kept to a minimum and employee confidence can be kept to a maximum. Efficient use of equipment can also result in improvements in production yield and end-quality product, as well as reduced resource use.


Customized training programs are customizable regarding the scope and content. Standard training options cover Metso Flow Control's entire product range and offer off-the-shelf courses led by expert trainers at various global locations.

  • Maximizes use of product features
  • Can reduce resource use and increase production yield
  • Reduces plant safety risks
  • Reduces competence gaps within the organization
  • Refreshes skills sets and know-how

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