Expertise on the spot

Metso Waste Recycling not only help with the installation of your machines. We also help when you need to move them to a new location - or if new staff need training in how to use them.


If you need to move your M&J shredder, our technicians will be more than happy to come up with ideas on how best to do so. Our project department will provide the necessary drawings and descriptions of the task, so everyone knows exactly how the task is to be tackled from start to finish. The move itself can be executed in cooperation with our experienced service technicians.


Metso Waste Recycling have organized a theoretical and practical programme that provides the necessary knowledge and skills for the staff who operate or who work closely with your M&J shredder. Staff receive a certificate as proof that they have completed the training. We run regular training programmes at our headquarters in Horsens, but are also more than happy to come to you to run a customized course.

Calculation of operations

Repairs and operational downtime can prove expensive if you simply wait for the shredder’s wear parts to seize up. Our skilled service team can check all wear parts and can calculate their remaining service life.

Then you will be aware when individual parts must be replaced, and how much this will cost. Calculation of operations ensures that wear parts are always replaced on time, so you experience the lowest downtime with the M&J shredder.

We can help with most issues

If you need advice, contact our experts. We are always available at (+45) 7626 6400 to help you proceed.

EMEA region: 0045 7626 6400

UK: 0 7341 885 554

US & Canada: 187-780-13232

China & APAC: +86 15 800 899 035

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