The challenge: Having access to the right information

Your waste shredder equipment is often a key asset that keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently. From time to time a shredder can come up with an alarm, and it can be very difficult to detect and react on a given alarm. Without having the right
information at the right time to make important operational or maintenance decisions, extended downtime can set in and production rates can suffer, challenging your bottom line.

The solution: Metso Metrics

Every shredded ton of waste counts at the end of the day. And making the most out of your operations depends on data you can trust.
Through a remote communication device mounted on your equipment, Metso Metrics brings you key operational and maintenance data – from utilization rates, to production levels and fuel or power consumption. With secured access on a PC, tablet or smart phone, this solution allows for data driven decisions that impact your operations.

Critical data to help get the most out of your shredder
Our digital solution is so much more than data and numbers. It’s knowing you have critical information at the touch of a button. Metso Metrics helps you identify both underperforming assets and training opportunities for continuous improvement. With
access to the right data, you can take appropriate actions for improved utilization rates and operational efficiency, so you get the most out of your assets.

Lower operational costs
Keeping your costs in check is critical to your performance.
Metso Metrics helps reduce your inventory costs by mapping out which parts are required for upcoming service events. With the maintenance plans of your equipment integrated into our solution, you can stay on top of your equipment’s needs making it easier to identify and order spares and wears ahead of time. By ensuring you only have the right parts at the right time, this solution helps control maintenance and upfront inventory costs.

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