Complete service programme

No one knows your M&J shredders better than we do. Our service team helps with prevention, maintenance and repairs - and we do everything within a few hours, if it is a matter of urgency.

Our service team consists exclusively of specially trained staff with extensive experience in getting the best performance of your shredder. We tackle all kinds of service at short notice - either as ad hoc tasks or as part of a fixed service agreement.

The huge advantages of a fixed service agreement

You do not need to set up a service agreement with us, but there are considerable advantages:

• Your shredder will be looked after and taken care of by certified staff

• You will minimize disruptive downtime and lost income

• You will cut down on your energy costs

• You will gain access to the latest updates and improvements

• You will know your own maintenance costs

 The result is a significantly better return on investment on your M&J shredder and fewer unwelcome surprises to disrupt your production and your budget.

Help is at hand

Good service is also about being there when you most need it. Metso Waste Recycling have subsidiaries and agents around the world who are ready to come out to you right away.

We offer...

Field services

Preventive maintenance keeps the machine working and ensures that we always know how it doing. You get a checklist after each service where any suggestions for improvements are also given.


Is there an error, anyway? Don’t worry—our experienced technicians know exactly what to do about the error and will correct it. We have the necessary spare parts on hand.

Equipment health check

The hydraulic system is the heart of our M&J shredder. When they reach a certain age, an equipment health check can be a real advantage, so you get information about the system’s condition and suggestions for any repairs.

Hard facing    

The wearing parts in our cutting units are exposed to a lot of wear and require ongoing maintenance. Proper hard facing is very important, since it extends the service life and ensures a homogenous production, capacity and grain size.

Refurbishment of parts              

Through the years, Metso Waste Recycling has developed different renovated components—both mechanical and hydraulic. Get an overview here.

Emergency service      

Metso Waste Recycling has hotline open 24/7/365. If there are problems, our experienced technicians are readily available.

Get a service agreement

We have several different service agreements and can also customize one to match your needs. Give us a call to learn more about your options.

EMEA region: 0045 7626 6400

UK: 0 7341 885 554

US & Canada: 187-780-13232

China & APAC: +86 15 800 899 035

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