Apr 19, 2017

Engströms increases production by 30% with investment in new products and services

Faced with demands from their customers to become a one-stop-shop to the construction industry, Engströms group looked into the purchase of mobile crushers to increase production capabilities, as well as a service package in order to ensure that the equipment would be well maintained and have maximum availability.

One-stop-shop to the construction industry

Engströms is one of Sweden’s largest construction equipment companies in the road construction and building industry. They perform mobile crushing on contract and have permanent clients and regular fixed contracts, with a range of end-product materials and sizes that varies to satisfy customer specifications and needs.

Engströms’ subsidiary TMCC also purchases and sells construction equipment, with a large turnover of machinery, such as wheel loaders, wheeled and caterpillar excavators, dozers, dumpers, trucks, trailers, road graders and telescopic forklifts as well as pile drivers.

Facing demands to become even more of a one-stop-shop to the construction industry, Engströms looked into the purchase of mobile crushers to increase production capabilities, as well as a service package in order to ensure that the equipment would be well maintained and have maximum availability. They were also looking to secure the value of their assets by identifying potential service issues early, before they became problematic. In addition, Engströms wanted to be able to monitor how the machines were operating, in order to get ahead of the curve in terms of assessing performance.


Significant increase in production

With two mobile crushers, a Metso Lokotrack®  LT120 and a Lokotrack® LT300HP delivered in August and September 2016 and backed with a 5-year Life Cycle Service agreement, Engströms has seen a significant increase in production. “After the investment in the new crushers and service contract, we have increased production by 30%,” mentioned Torbjörn (Tobbe) Pettersson, Supervisor for “construction and crush.”

Jan-Olow Engström, CEO of Engströms, added, “We work in symbiosis with the customer and with Metso. We believe it is important to deliver a quality product, and we take care of the whole process – from measuring and blasting to crushing and, at times, the transport of crushed material too. We have been established in this industry for some time, and we have learned how to work and manage in order to promote efficiency and orderliness.”

Availability improvements with Metso Life Cycle Services

Engströms started with crushing in order to be a complete supplier to the industry and has been a customer of Metso since 2002, when it first purchased a Metso Lokotrack® LT110™. With heavy demands to grow their crushing operations, the new machines were added to their fleet in 2016 when construction started to really take off.

Engströms’ solution to maintaining the new LT120 and LT300HP mobile crushers involved signing a 5-year Life Cycle Service agreement. The contract involves a monthly payment for wear and spare parts as well as a service inspection every thousand hours. A spare parts kit was also made available at Engströms’ stores in Örebro to further guarantee the availability of parts when needed. Having all the spare parts on site gives a big boost to availability. Furthermore, the agreement gives additional peace of mind with extended warranties, such as a 1-year extension to the standard warranty, which means 5 years in total, or 10,000 hours for selected parts.

Tobbe Pettersson says, “The LCS agreement also includes Metso Metrics Services, a cloud-based tool for real-time monitoring with visualization of collected data. As a registered user, we can follow our machines via satellite. For example, we can see operating hours, loading, idling, maintenance requirements, fuel consumption and the GPS position. It is a fantastic tool, and from my office, several kilometers away, I can monitor and see exactly how the crushing is progressing.”

“Overall, we see the collaboration with Metso more as a partnership, where we find solutions together. We can now monitor the production process in its entirety and have control over wear and spare parts. This in itself is security for us. We are extremely satisfied with Metso and are now evaluating whether to add to our machine park with a screener as well,” concludes Jan-Olow Engström.

About Engströms

Founded in 1956, Br Engströms Entreprenadmaskiner AB, better known as “Engströms,” is the parent company of a group of businesses operating in Sweden. Under the Engströms group of companies is an engineering company (TMCC Sweden AB targeting trucks, construction equipment, pickups and cars as well as forge-works) plus a number of other, smaller companies active in diverse industries. The company is housed in Örebro Truckstop, on Berglundavägen 24, just south of Örebro. Over the years, Engströms has grown to 225 employees.

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