Nov 6, 2020

Huge fuel savings at Throttur thanks to new Lokotrack LT200HP mobile cone crushing plant

There have been clear improvements in fuel efficiency at the Icelandic company Throttur ehf´s crushing contracting. Thanks to its new direct belt drive, the company’s recently acquired Lokotrack® LT200HP™ mobile cone crushing plant only consumes around 25 liters of fuel an hour when crushing hard rock.

Based in Akranes, near Reykjavik, the 75-year-old family enterprise has a range of operations, from road construction and the excavation of heat canals to foundation work for buildings.

From its own Stora-Fellsoxl quarry, Throttur crushes and delivers all the end products its customers want: from rocks for port embankments and road foundation materials right down to concrete gravels and grades for the green areas of golf courses.

The crushed rock is hard basalt, with a Los Angeles value of 15. Icelandic rock is characterized by causing more wear to hoppers and steel structures, but less to wear liners made of manganese steel.

Throttur’s power trio: Helgi Thorsteisson (left) and his sons, Fannar and Thorsten Helgason.

The new LT200HP was bought at the Bauma trade fair

Helgi Thorsteinsson, the CEO of Throttur, and his son, Fannar Helgason, saw the redesigned LT200HP mobile cone crushing plant at last year’s Bauma trade fair. They were convinced by its features, and the equipment deal with Metso’s representative Vélafl was made right there at the trade fair.

“We’ve been crushing with the LT200HP for nearly a year now, and our experiences have been positive. The equipment has been reliable, the HP crusher produces quality material, and we haven’t had any major maintenance needs. The promises of good fuel economy also seem to be holding up,” says Fannar Helgason.

Throttur uses the LT200HP as a secondary crusher following the jaw crushing plant. From the LT200HP, the crushed material moves on to the ST352 mobile screen.

“We’ve built an improvised closed cycle of our own with the help of the pile conveyor. This returns the overflow from the ST screen to the HP crusher.”

Throttur has used a pile conveyor to build a closed cycle between the ST352 mobile screen and the LT200HP mobile cone crushing plant.

The IC process control calibrates the crusher setting

Throttur first got to know the IC process control through its ST352 screen. After that, the LT200HP’s color display and increasingly versatile control options were a welcome surprise.

“You can be sure of the correct control of the setting when the IC calibrates the mantle’s wear. The correct setting also guarantees getting the maximum of the desired end product. 19 mm is a frequently used setting in the HP crusher,” says Fannar Helgason.

“We make 0–22 mm grades for concrete plants and road foundations in general. Golf courses often ask for an aggregate size of 0–6 mm.”

The scenery around the Stora-Fellsoxl quarry near Reykjavik was still wintry in February.

One of Iceland’s oldest companies in the field

At 75 years, Throttur ehf is among Iceland’s oldest contractors in the earthworks industry. Its first machine was a bulldozer. In 2009, the company bought its own quarry, and since then its operations have expanded to crushing.

Alongside the Stora-Fellsoxl quarry, Throttur carries out contract work with its track-mounted equipment across Iceland. A normal site visit leaves behind 10,000–20,000 cubic meters of quality aggregate.

Throttur, which employs 14 people, is a true family enterprise. The company, established by grandfather Thorsteinn Stefansson, is now managed by his son, Helgi, and his wife Olga Magnusdottir, who works in the office. Their sons Fannar and Thorsten are also involved in the crushing work.

Further information:

Fannar Helgason, Throttur ehf, tel. +354-8997306, email fannar(at)

Hjalmar Helgason, CEO, Vélafl, tel. +354 694 3800, email

Timo Tamski, Distribution Business Manager, Metso Minerals Inc., tel. +358 50 5734 725, email: timo.tamski(at)

Steady production generates profit
Lokotrack equipment ensure steady aggregate production for Maanrakennus Oy.

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