Nov 20, 2017

Helmut Beisheim puts its trust in Lokotracks for crushing operations at 14 quarries

Crushing and screening over a million tons a year at 14 different quarries is a large-scale operation that requires top-level mobility, consistently high production output and good machine availability. This is why Helmut Beisheim GmbH & Co. KG uses three track-mounted and easy-to-transport Lokotrack® impact and jaw crushers from Metso.

The company had already purchased its first Lokotrack®, the LT1110™ impact crusher, several years ago. Thanks to their positive experience of the Lokotrack, it was not long before they purchased another, the LT106™  jaw crusher and LT1110S™ impact crusher equipped with a screen, in 2016.


“We are very satisfied with the availability of our Lokotracks. Not only are they always ready to operate, they are easy to transport and maintain. Spare parts are always available at short notice, even for our 14-year-old system,” notes Frank Theune, head of operations at the Schwarzenhasel quarry. 

Throughput constantly exceeds 200 t/h

The LT1110S has been in use since Spring 2016. It crushes limestone with a particulate size of 0–400 mm, which is extracted without blasting using a bagger. In a closed circuit with 35–40 mm closed side setting, it produces over 200 t/h 0–45 mm. The oversize is about 15% of the crusher output. This goes back into the crusher via the oversize return belt.

We are very satisfied with the availability of our Lokotracks. Not only are they always ready to operate, they are easy to transport and maintain.

The end product of the LT1110S is classified as needed into various grains, such as 0–2 mm, 0–22 mm, 1–32 mm, 1–45 mm or 6–22 mm using a separate mobile screen. The customers for these products are located at a distance of up to 50 km from the surrounding area of Bebra.

At the Schwarzenhasel quarry, the LT1110S runs up to 16 hours a day and produces around 180,000 tons a year. The fuel consumption of the impact crusher with screen module and oversize return belt is so small that the tank capacity of 500 L is enough for daily production with two shifts without the need for fuel stops. 

Extended warranty to protect operations

Beisheim has concluded an extended two-year warranty with Fischer-Jung for the LT1110S. Regular maintenance work, including oil changes and wear part replacement, is performed by Fischer-Jung.

With a closed gap width of 35–40 mm, the output of the LT1110S is always over 200 t/h.

“After six months of use, we were still doing crushing operations using the martensitic X-Win beater bars installed upon delivery”. And at the time of the interview it looked like they will be able to work with them for a longer time yet. “So, our wear costs are very low,” Frank Theune says and adds that “Thanks to its user prompting feature, the new Metso IC700 process control system is easy to understand and foolproof in operation.” 

Powdered limestone for agriculture and forestry

Helmut Beisheim has even found customers for the limestone material which is smaller than 2 mm and accrues during extraction and crushing. It is used as fertilizer in the fields and forests in the surrounding area of the quarry.

Only four people are required for the complete operation at the Schwarzenhasel quarry.


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