Jun 12, 2015

Welcome to uptime with Metso’s control valves

Under the company’s strategy, published in July 2014, Metso decided to focus more on mining, oil and gas, and aggregates industries. In Metso’s flow control business the target is to become a leader in flow control within the oil & gas and mining industries.

Text: Christian Borrmann, Valve World Magazine
Photos: Vilhelm Sjöström & Shutterstock

 (front) Jari Kirmanen, Sari Aronen, Vesa Lempinen and Mika Nissinen.An important step in implementing a more focused outlook was taken when the company decided to divest its
Process Automation Systems business to Valmet Corporation and this transaction was completed in April 2015. Valve World
took the opportunity to meet with some of the Metso Flow Control management team at the Metso Valve Technology Center in Helsinki, Finland, to talk about the most recent changes that have taken place. Mika Nissinen, and his colleagues Jari Kirmanen, Vesa Lempinen and Sari Aronen, shared with us what the changes mean for Metso.

The company aims to strengthen its market position by expanding valve, pump and valve controls offering to oil & gas and mining customers. Today Metso enjoys a good position in oil and valves but we understand that the company’s ambitions are high. In addition Metso continues to offer its valve solutions for the pulp & paper, power and other process industry customers.

“The new strategy has brought us more focus and a clear mission in the flow control business”, says Mika Nissinen, Vice President of Oil and Gas control valves. One of the selected growth areas is the control valve business in Oil and Gas related industries. “In my area of responsibility this is really good news and we are more than excited about the opportunities our new product portfolio brings to us”.

Mr. Nissinen is referring to the latest Metso acquisition in the valve field: In 2012 Metso acquired a globe valve product line from South Korea which is now serving the global market. “For many years our customers have been asking for globe valves with the same quality and reliability as our rotary control, ball and butterfly valves. We are happy to say that Metso now has a globe valve solution to fulfill that need.”

Metso has been famous for its rotary control valves over several decades. During this time Metso has reached a strong position in several industries and now the portfolio is completed with a linear valve technology product line. Neles® globe valves offer an innovative and fundamentally simple construction with excellent operational and maintenance features to optimize and secure process performance at the lowest price level. Metso’s offering is truly massive. All the control valve technologies in linear and rotary configuration, all the actuator options, intelligent valve controllers, severe service trims and decision making software support are available from one location.

In addition to the new globe valve series, Metso has brought new enhancements to its rotary control valve offering. The 30 year old Q-trim technology has been boosted with second generation trim technology Q2-trim which sets the bar at a new level, reducing the noise up to 30 decibels compared to typical control valve. A selection and sizing tool Nelprof now includes all Metso’s control valves and a new revision was launched in May 2015. “This is a great tool to ensure that you are able to select the best-fit control, on/off or safety valves to the given process conditions. We are a one stop shop for our customers”, says Mr. Nissinen.

Demanding conditions and fitting solutions

The valves in a petrochemical or refinery process must withstand significantly demanding process conditions, such as high pressure and temperature, toxic and corrosive fluid, vibration and pressure shock under normal service conditions, and they must meet all safety requirements. “Our mission is to bring sustainable products to the market which maximize the plant uptime with an attractive price level while fulfilling all safety or environmental requirements.”(left to right) Jari Kirmanen, Vesa Lempinen and Sari Aronen discuss the inside details of Metso’s second generation trim technology, Q2-trim.

“After the globe product line acquisition, we continued our investment in South Korea and a new globe valve technology center was commissioned at the end of 2014. It is ideally located in the growing Korean market amongst Korean EPC companies that play a key role in many projects worldwide”, Mr. Nissinen states. Metso has invested a lot in the last 5 years to its global footprint and today, as reported after our last visit to Helsinki in 2011, the company has a total of eight valve technology centers around the world. A valve operations network is geographically widespread and includes world-class valve production facilities located in Finland, Germany, China, South Korea, India, Brazil and two facilities in the United States. Over the last few years, Metso has resolutely expanded and developed its valve production facilities and now its extensive flow control services offering covers business solutions and services that optimize equipment use and cost of ownership. Today, Metso has more than 40 valve and field device service centers worldwide. “Our operative model is very unique and enables good service levels to our customers. In 2015 we will open six new service centers globally”, adds Mr. Nissinen.

“Our customers make our success. Products are only one part of the success story. You need to have skilled people, tradition, and a culture of serving the customers without compromise. It is our way, the Metso Way, which makes the difference to our customers”, Mr. Nissinen concludes.


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Previously published in Results flow control 1/2015 as 'Welcome to uptime with Metso's control valves - Aiming for leadership position' and Valve World magazine, June 2015 issue as 'Welcome to uptime with Metso's control valves'.

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