Managing oversized feed and build-ups

Disruptions in material flow lead to downtime and are often solved by unsafe methods. A remotely operated rock breaker is the solution.

Blockage and build-ups

Despite careful control, there is always the risk of oversized feed entering the crushing process, causing a blockage in the material flow. In some cases, the coarse feed alone, without any actual oversized boulders, may cause build-ups somewhere in the process. In both cases, the result is reduced productivity in the primary crushing stage.

Disruptions in the primary stage also affect the productivity and the balance of the entire crushing process. Therefore, oversized boulders and material build-ups require immediate attention. The problem is that many of the ways to manage build-ups and blockage are not safe, and tend to be very time consuming. The longer it takes to solve a blockage, the greater the loss of productivity.

Optimized rock breaker solution

A Metso rock breaker installed to serve the primary crusher or any other critical point in the process is a great tool to efficiently and safely manage oversized boulders and material build-ups in the process. Metso rock breakers can be operated remotely through radio or cable remote control from a safe location where the operator can see the area where the build-up is located without any restrictions.

Metso rock breakers are sold as complete packages and developed to work perfectly as a complete system. These packages are available in different sizes that consist of a breaker boom, hydraulic hammer, hydraulic power unit and radio remote controls. Each package is developed to perfectly match Nordberg® C Series jaw crushers or SUPERIOR® primary gyratory crushers. They also fit any other applications, for example, primary grid or grizzly applications or in assisting material flow in chute works.

Metso rock breakers improve the safety and efficiency of your plant. Rock breakers make it possible to manage interruptions caused by oversized feed or build-ups safely, quickly and easily. The material flow through the primary crusher remains smooth, ensuring process stability and excellent end product quality.


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