Sustainability agenda

Our sustainability agenda consists of Metso’s most material sustainability topics based on a thorough materiality analysis. The materiality analysis was developed based on stakeholder meetings and interviews, internal discussions with various Metso functions and a workshop with Metso Executive Team.

Metso’s sustainability agenda is divided into two main focus areas: responsible and trusted partner, and sustainable productivity with selected topics. Each of the focus areas consist of the most material topics, including actions and goals with respective KPIs.


Responsible and trusted partner

With responsible and trusted partner, we mean ensuring the sustainability of our operations. This includes meeting the legal requirements and the expectations of different stakeholder groups and serving as an example in the communities where we operate. This creates a strong foundation for our brand and profitable business. Code of Conduct, environmental efficiency of our operations, safe working environment, responsible procurement as well as leadership are prerequisites for a responsible and trusted partner like us. Read more

Sustainable productivity

Sustainable productivity, on the other hand, means improving our customers’ productivity by bringing them solutions that are more sustainable, more efficient and safer for the environment and people. The importance of environmental efficiency is constantly growing, and we must find solutions to do things more efficiently with less natural resources. The industries we serve need to cut down their energy and water usage as well as the amount of waste and emissions. Safe Metso products and services, innovating for sustainability, customer process efficiency and close customer engagement are our means to contribute to our customers’ productivity and license to operate. Read more