Sustainable productivity

Metso’s products and services help our customers to operate safely and at higher productivity and profitability while reducing their resource intensity. The biggest threats and opportunities related to the environment and climate change are present at customer sites. With tightening legislation and scarcity of natural resources, our customers value the environmentally efficient and safe technology that we provide.

Customer Engagement

We listen to our customers’ needs to be able to meet their expectations. We must understand the challenges they are facing to be able to mitigate them. Based on customer engagement and dialogue on sustainability, our customers value safety, resource efficiency, productivity and supply chain responsibility the most. A comprehensive understanding of customer needs enables us to solve their challenges with tailored solutions and providing them with the best performance and improved processes.  

Our target is to develop our customer engagement and dialogue on sustainability issues through more proactive every day communication and marketing. In addition, to better understand the challenges our customers are facing, more structured annual discussions on their sustainability expectations are needed. 

Continuous improvement for better customer satisfaction 

To map out the customer experience, we utilize the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology in our annual global customer satisfaction survey. We gather and document our customers’ feedback and analyze it both locally and globally and drive improvement actions and best practices. We also communicate with our customers about the improvement actions we have taken. 

Innovating for sustainability

Metso´s research and development (R&D) activities focus on solving customer challenges, such as global availability and cost of energy, water and raw materials. Metso’s R&D projects have sustainability targets that are related to environmental efficiency, including energy and water savings, waste and material efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions and safety.

Our target is to define sustainability targets for each new R&D project. In 2019, 91% of our R&D projects had set environmental efficiency and/or product safety innovation targets. Achievement of the targets is monitored. Our R&D expenditure in 2019 was EUR 60 million.

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Sustainable customer processes

Metso’s customer industries are often resource intensive using a lot of energy and water, and producing emissions, dust, noise and waste. Resources and environmental constraints need to be taken into account in the overall optimization of the customer’s process efficiency. Metso offers services and solutions to mitigate these challenges.

In addition to new innovations, process improvements in existing plants make a huge difference for our customers. Mining processes often have bottlenecks that prevent them from performing at full capacity with high efficiency. By identifying these bottlenecks and solving the challenges that relate to them, customers can achieve significant and sustainable improvements in productivity and efficiency. Increased production and improved efficiency can be achieved through process optimization, maximizing reliability, optimizing wear parts, renewing machinery or parts of it, or by implementing solutions such as Metso Advanced Process Control or Metso Metrics to optimize the way process equipment is operated.

In our Flow Control segment, the importance of installed base data is continually growing. Shutdown planning and execution need to be based on actual data and correct field devices to ensure long-term plant reliability. Metso has been implementing a new valve field service management service in it service centers around the world.

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Safe Metso products and services

Metso's products are designed to meet all the relevant standards, norms and directives in the respective delivery countries. Metso’s products are delivered with the appropriate information and instructions to ensure safe operation, services and maintenance. In addition, we offer a wide range of life cycle services to ensure that all the products in use will continue to meet existing and future requirements throughout their life cycle. Safety of Metso products is one of the key drivers in Metso’s research and development work.

Product safety principles consider all aspects relevant to:

  • Safe installation and operation
  • Servicing and maintaining products in all conditions
  • Training customers on the safe use of our equipment

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