Public statement on conflict minerals

Metso strongly believes in value stemming from sustainable business operations. A company, which is able to include solutions to global social and environmental challenges in its offering, will succeed in the long term and will create value and wellbeing for all the company’s stakeholders, including society.

Metso acknowledges the increasing concern related to the human rights issues of sourcing ores and metals from conflict areas. The concern over conflict minerals has gained increased public attention following regulations published in the US and proposed in the EU. Metso is currently not affected by the conflict minerals regulations. Apart from individual exceptions, our products do not either affect our customers’ performance with regards to the regulations.

Metso is nevertheless committed to conducting business in a sustainable manner and considering laws and regulations as only the absolute minimum. In line with our commitments, we do not knowingly source any materials which contribute to any human rights violations, and we expect the same behavior from our suppliers.We also understand the complexity of the issue. We, as many of our suppliers, cannot fully confirm the origin of all materials used in our products. We work continuously to better understand the issue and we are committed to helping our suppliers in determining the origin of the materials used in products sold to us.

We will monitor and report on our own and our supply chain’s performance with regards to the issue. We strive as a part of the global community to ensure that no materials that contribute to human rights violations are used in our products entering the market. We are currently strengthening our monitoring of human and labor rights, and mapping the extent of programs in our supply chain that relate to conflict free sourcing. Our goal is to be able to communicate on our and our suppliers’ performance with regards to the issue in our following annual sustainability reports.