Sponsorships and donations

The targets we choose for sponsorships and donations have a clear connection with our business, reflect our values and follow our Code of Conduct.

Main areas of sponsorships and donations

We support programs mainly related to science, research and education, environmental protection and conservation, and health and social.

Science, research and education

Research and education programs by universities, colleges, or research institutes that address technology and business management issues related to Metso’s business.

Environmental protection and conservation

Environmental programs, events and organizations to increase the exchange of information, improve the awareness on environmental issues or gain positive impact on the environment.

Health and social programs

Programs that help raise awareness of health and safety related matters and/or have a direct and concrete social benefit by having a positive impact on the communities and areas in which we operate.

Universities and foundations

Universities or foundations that wish to stress their academic or cultural independence may prefer monetary donations. Where appropriate, Metso can make a donation to these bodies. Additionally, individual scholarships for advanced studies may be considered as a means to attract talent and to support recruitment. Many countries have specific legislation and tax regulations regarding such donations, which must be adhered to.

Natural disasters

Fundraising campaigns are often arranged to provide immediate financial support for relief work in a disaster area. Depending on the case, Metso may donate a fixed amount for such a cause, complementing fundraising by employees, customers or other stakeholders.


John Nurminen Foundation

Metso's support is focused on the John Nurminen Foundation's projects intended to improve the state of the Baltic Sea. Work carried out by the John Nurminen Foundation to improve the condition of the Baltic Sea is also significant on a broader scale. Clean water is a critical factor for the future of mankind and all living things.

Plan India

We have been cooperating with Plan International, an independent development and humanitarian organization that advances children's rights and equality for girls, for several years. Our current contribution with Plan India helps to develop education in local schools in Alwar, Rajasthan state. Already 8,000 children have benefited from the project.

The project has enhanced school teaching and sanitary facilities, and provided modern learning aids in the form of e.g. math and science labs, computers and library books. The project also includes further development of the teachers’ pedagogical skills and disciplinary methods. Some pupils have received training on children’s rights. As an outcome, the enrolment in school has improved, and children enjoy coming to school as the teaching methods have been modernized.