Improve efficiency, reduce downtime and deliver measurable cost savings

In 2017, Metso acquired Wearx, a privately-owned wear solutions provider headquartered in Australia. The acquisition complements the Metso offering by combining the innovative solutions and extensive industry knowledge that Wearx are renowned for, with the broad portfolio of Metso’s equipment and services. Metso design, manufacture and install innovative improvements that maximize plant efficiency, minimize downtime and deliver measurable cost savings for their customers. This is achieved by carefully assessing site conditions and implementing the right wear technology to deliver optimal solutions tailored to meet the customers’ specific objectives.

Wear lining solutions

Custom designed to suit your unique application.

Chutes, bins and tubs

Design, manufacturing, supply, and installation for all operational environments.

Skirting systems

Controlling dust and providing easy access for maintenance.


Listening and understanding your needs.

Customized solutions for mining operations based on a wealth of experience and expertise

Mining companies are constantly striving for operational excellence and achieving production tonnes. However, increased throughput and asset reliability can often present sites with challenges in meeting these expectations.

We help you to achieve your strategic objectives by finding solutions that increase the efficiency of your operation.

This is achieved by developing a deep understanding of your application and drawing upon the experience and knowledge of our people to provide unique solutions for your specific needs.

Improving plant efficiency

Metso design, manufacture and install wear protection and bulk handling solutions for fixed plant mining operations that maximise plant efficiency, minimise downtime and deliver measurable cost savings.

The offer includes wear protection solutions such as wear liners, rubber, ceramic and metallic lining, skirting, chutes and bulk handling equipment protection, design and engineering as well as site services and project management.

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Wear lining solutions

Metso has the proven capability to design, manufacture and install wear lining solutions across a diverse range of mining applications.

The wear lining solutions are tailored to achieve the customers desired outcomes.

Thanks to detailed analysis and customized development the liners last longer and often require less downtime to maintain.

Liner materials can be custom designed to suit your unique needs.

  • Carbon chromium overlay (CCO) plate
  • Quench and tempered plate (500 & 600 grade plate)
  • High and medium chromium white iron
  • Nickel chromium white iron
  • Tungsten wear plate
  • Alumina ceramics
  • Rubber

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Metallic wear lining
Metallic wear lining

Metallic wear liners are manufactured in a range of industry standard sizes or custom made to suit each unique application.

Common metallic wear lining applications are: 

  • Transfer chutes
  • Impact plates
  • Hoisting skips
  • Crusher vaults
  • Stockpile feed chutes

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Rubber wear lining
Rubber wear lining

Metso delivers hot and cold vulcanized wear-resistant rubber lining and services.

Most common applications for rubber lining are:

  • Leach tanks
  • Pipes and spools
  • Chutes
  • Rotors and agitator blades
  • Cyclones and distributors
  • Bonding of mine hose sets
  • Pulp lifters

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Ceramic wear lining 
Ceramic wear lining 

Metso manufactures ceramic liners for applications requiring superior wear resistance and anti-corrosion properties.

Most common applications for ceramic lining are:

  • Chutes
  • Pipes and spools
  • Conveyor pulleys
  • Cyclones and distributors

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Chutes and bulk handling equipment
Chutes and bulk handling equipment

Metso designs, manufactures, supplies and installs a range of chutes and other bulk handling equipment.

Chutes, bins and tubs are designed to:

  • Control material flow
  • Eliminate spillage
  • Eliminate abrasive wear 
  • Protect outgoing conveyors

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Skirting systems
Skirting systems

Metso designs, manufactures, supplies and installs Wamskirt™ skirting systems uniquely suited to your needs.

Rubber and polyurethane skirting are offered in a wide range of gauges, widths and materials.

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Wearback™ transfer chutes can be designed to:

  • Control material flow
  • Protect the chute surface
  • Eliminate costly liner maintenance
  • Protect outgoing conveyor belts
  • Change the direction of material flow

Wearback™ chute is designed with a series of ledges allowing material to build up throughout the transfer forming a layer of material as the wear medium.

The ‘rock-on-rock’ design increases wear-life on average by up to 400% more than conventionally lined chutes.

Soft loading to the outgoing conveyor is achieved by delivering material at velocities that closely match the conveyor speed.

Softer delivery to the conveyor minimizes top cover wear and reduces the risk of impact damage to the belt.


Xledge™ is a specialized range of ledge liners used on the Wearx Wearback™ chute. It is designed to:

  • Provide excellent abrasion and impact resistance
  • Protect the parent metal
  • Reduce number of parts
  • Improve maintainability - liners are smaller and are easily handled  

Xledge™ liners are often retrofitted to improve existing microledge chutes.


Wamskirt™ is an externally manageable conveyor skirting and sealing system designed to:

  • Reduce risk of manual handling injuries
  • Eliminate confined space requirements
  • Control spillage
  • Control dust
  • Retrofit different skirting environments
  • Provide access for inspection and maintenance

Wamskirt™ can be retrofitted into most skirting environments. The adjustable wear liners seal and stop large particles whilst the secondary seal captures any residual fine particles.


Gridlock™ ‘anti-wash’ liner systems are designed to:

  • Eliminate joint wash generated using traditional square liners
  • Ensure maximum utilization of the liner’s available wear material is achieved
  • Extend production availability
  • Make liner replacement easily forecasted

Horizontal, vertical and double-sided designs are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and materials to suit specific applications.

Gridlock™ has been specifically designed to capture product to maintain full joints and create a solid surface area for material flow.


Xlok™ is a unique single bolt liner system that:

  • Provides a mechanical interlock between liner and backing plate
  • Eliminates the requirement to have a gap to drop the liner into place
  • Delivers consistent liner position on all four sides
  • Allows liners to be replaced individually

Xlok™ protection systems are comprised of a wear liner, backing plate and fastening assembly and can be used in a range of applications including bins, tubs, vaults, chutes, skips and buckets.


Liftx™ is a safe liner lifting tool designed to work specifically with Wearx wear liner systems.

Liftx™ provides a secure connection between a crane, hoist or winch and a liner plate for safe replacement of wear liners.

Liftx™ allows wear liners to be installed quicker, more efficiently and safer by using overhead mechanical support, rather than manual handling.

Design and engineering

Design and engineering

Metso's in-house design and technical team comprises qualified and experienced professionals.

The team develops tailored solutions from the initial concept stage to full detailed drawings for projects and manufacturing.

Application audit and product recommendation

The wear application specialists visit the site and perform an audit to collect specific data that is used to fully understand the customers unique situation.

Following detailed analysis and a technical review process, material selections are made to establish a wear system that will meet wear life and cost parameters.

Concept and design development

Metso works with clients through consultation, meetings and site visits to develop a solution that will deliver the necessary results. The team manages this process from the initial concept stage through to implementation of a new design and beyond, into continuous improvement.

DEM simulation and physical modelling

Discrete element modelling (DEM) provides a real-world simulation and accurate results that can be used with confidence to validate new designs and check the performance of proposed modifications. Physical modelling allows for further testing and validation to ensure all solutions perform to the required standard.

Our team is on standby to respond to your enquiry
Phone: +61 2 4962 3433 General enquiries: xpress@metso.com Sales enquiries: wearx@metso.com