Metso Corporate Newsroom News 2012 New developments in Outotec Grinding Service products
Product news June 15, 2012

New developments in Outotec Grinding Service products

Outotec has developed the Outotec hydraulic Inching Drive system to improve equipment safety and maintenance productivity and the Outotec Barricade for superior sealing performance.

Outotec hydraulic Inching Drive - safe and reliable

The Outotec hydraulic Inching Drive system is an auxiliary drive that has been developed to ensure safe and efficient mill installation and maintenance.

The drive is capable of rotating the mill in either direction during maintenance operations. The drive system consists of a planetary gearbox powered by a hydraulic drive motor. It's portability makes it applicable to numerous mills, therefore fewer Inching Drives are required in a multi-line plant. The joystick control allows for variable speed mill rotation, enabling precise mill positioning during installation and maintenance. The captive key interlock prevents operator bypass and ensures safety of personnel and equipment.

Outotec Barricade seal - putting a stop to leakages

The new Outotec Barricade seal arrangement solves the myriad of issues around the effective sealing of grinding mill main bearings. The design incorporates protective properties superior to any arrangement yet brought to market. The unique design is based on years of Outotec experience with V-ring seals.

The Barricade seal replaces and improves these older seal arrangements with its unique design incorporating uniform lip tension, enhanced seal stability and provides superior sealing performance.

The Barricade arrangement is now standard supply for all new Outotec mill installations. Additionally, the Barricade can be easily retrofitted to many existing mills, improving safety, reducing environmental infringements and improving bearing lubricant quality.

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