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Slag crushing deals with uncrushable objects.

Slag crushing

Deal with uncrushable objects

Efficiency of material utilization is vital in any industry – steel mills and foundries are no exception. Recycling and utilizing slag instead of treating it as waste enable cutting costs and generating new revenue.

Lower environmental impact

Recycling slag saves valuable resources and reduces the amount of waste generated.

Improved efficiency

Active Setting Control technology enables processing slag that contains uncrushable objects.

Increased profitability

Recycled and processed slag can be sold and used for example as aggregates.


Fully automated operation.

How to crush slag efficiently?

Slag often contains valuable metals that can still be recovered and utilized. When crushed and sized properly, slag can be sold and used as valuable material in many different ways, for example, as aggregates.

However, since slag usually contains uncrushable objects, it is typically considered a challenging feed material for conventional jaw crushers.

Uncrushable objects in feed

To combat the issue of uncrushable objects, Nordberg® jaw crushers can be equipped with with an optional Active Setting Control (ASC) system. Thanks to this technology, jaw crushers perform well in applications that would be challenging or even impossible to manage for otherwise.

The ASC protects your crusher against overloading. When a jaw crusher is equipped with the ASC system, the crushing forces are carried by massive hydraulic cylinders mounted into the rear header casting.

If an uncrushable object enters the crusher cavity and crushing forces reach the preset maximum level, oil starts to escape out of the cylinders and the setting releases. This way the uncrushable object can get out of the cavity.

The functionality enables continuous crushing and protects the crusher from extreme overloads. When automated, the crusher setting is returned back to its original one when the uncrushable object has dropped out of the cavity.

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