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Metso Truck Body

Metso Truck Body

Different truck body models, optimized to maximize payload and lower carbon footprint.

Metso Truck Body is available in several models, ranging from lighter than OEM to super light, rubber-lined to steel-lined, with options for low maintenance and no maintenance, and more. All trays are custom made to fit operations of all sizes, whether it’s mining or aggregates.

Haul more with less

Maximized payload
Maximized payload

Innovative solutions and high-level engineering lead to increased payload capacity.

Increased uptime truck body
Increased uptime

By only using high quality components and materials, downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

End-to-end hauling solutions
One partner

We provide end-to-end solutions, ensure seamless operations and add substantial value to your business.

Improved sustainability
Improved sustainability

Truck bodies designed to lower fuel consumption and reduce carbon footprint.

Payload management
Payload management

We provide payload management for all OEM trucks. Our offer includes a range of truck bodies and buckets, each suitable for different operations and business objectives. Whether you need to haul more material, reduce maintenance costs or improve sustainability, we will customize the best solution for you.

  • Steel bodies in different lightweight classes
  • Rubber wear lining / steel wear lining
  • Long life durability / short life durability
  • Highly customized design / standard design
  • For mining / aggregates
More payload

Metso’s unique, lightweight haul truck model with rubber lining is a combination of high-strength steel and wear resistant rubber.

The energy-absorbing characteristics of the rubber allow for the construction of a lighter and optimized truck body. This leads to higher payload, reduced maintenance and consequently, lower operating expenses (OPEX).

Optimized payload with Metso Truck Body
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Improved sustainability

The fact that our truck bodies are lightweight and individually designed to maximize payload, means a lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions per hauled ton. 

The benefits add up during return rounds when the truck is empty – it simply takes less fuel to move a lighter body. 

< Check the video to the left.

Less maintenance

Metso’s rubber lining lasts up to 300% longer than traditional lining. It protects the chassis of the truck and the body itself from wear, prolongs the life of the truck and drastically reduces the need for maintenance. The modular design of the lining means that only worn parts need to be replaced.

We also offer “lifetime limited” truck bodies where the maintenance need is kept to an absolute minimum. No matter your needs, our wide offer allows us to customize a low-maintenance solution that maximizes your payload capacity.

The rubber lining in Metso Truck Body lasts longer ning in Metso Truck Body lasts up to 6 times longer than conventional steel lining, drastically reducing the need for maintenance.
Metso Truck Body's customized lining prevents carry-back
No carry-back

The Metso Truck Body can be tailored to suit all applications and our flexible lining option can prevent sticky material from building up.

With no carry-back, the entire capacity of the truck can be fully utilized to haul payload, which further improves operational efficiency.

Better working environment

When lining one of our lightweight truck body models (designed to fit both Komatsu and CAT trucks) with rubber elements, the result is hard to match. The rubber absorbs impact and some of the proven benefits are:

  • Up to a 50% or greater reduction of noise.
  • Averaging a 10–15 decibel noise decrease.
  • Up to 97% less vibrations.

Less noise and vibration mean better and safer work conditions, which in return can make a big difference in your productivity.

Metso Truck Body is an investment in the well-being of your staff.
Minimal changes and improved results  with Metso Truck Body
Minimal changes, improved results

There is not always room to make major changes to your operation. Metso can help with small steps towards improvement, while waiting for larger changes to be feasible.

With a Metso Truck Body model similar to the OEM, but with customized improvements, replacement is straightforward, with minimal disruption to the workflow.

Terrafame’s new truck body hauls 9 tonnes more payload.
Terrafame’s new truck body hauls 9 tonnes more payload
The mine in northern Finland chose the Metso Truck Body for its cost efficiency and driver friendliness. The target is to reduce the need for truck maintenance, increase payload and improve the driver working environment.
Discover the incomparable benefits of rubber
Metso Truck Body is based on Metso's famous rubber truck bed lining, a solution with a successful track record of decades.


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