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Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that everyone is at their best when they feel valued and can bring their best selves to work.
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Diversity and inclusion at Metso

Every day, we work to increase inclusion in our operations in close to 50 countries around the world. We can already see a significant improvement in inclusion in our employee engagement survey, but our work around promoting inclusion continues. We aim to increase the diversity across our business, remove possible barriers and biases from our processes and build psychological safety in our teams.

Metso’s Diversity and Inclusion journey continues and in 2023 we took many steps forward. We have started implementing inclusive talent acquisition practices and encouraged our employees to learn and take part in various trainings around inclusion. We also rolled out a training program for our leaders to strengthen awareness regarding biases that can influence recruitment decisions. We also launched various global learning modules, such as a Conscious Inclusion eLearning, Digital Inclusion quick guide and accessibility training.

The latest action we have taken to support gender diversity is setting a target to increase the proportion of women in middle and senior management positions to 30% by the end of 2030. In 2023, the percentage was 17%. To support this target, we have launched Metso’s Women’s Leadership Forum.

When it comes to LGBTIQ+ inclusion, we are building awareness and taking determined steps to improve. Our partner Workplace Pride provides practical support in developing our ways of working and we engage our employees with an employee-led resource group.

Metso encourages all its employees, no matter gender identity or sexual orientation, to think bolder and aim higher, rising above what was possible yesterday. We believe that an inclusive environment where everyone can be their genuine selves makes us stronger. 

D&I strategy and priorities

We are committed to developing Metso into a workplace where diversity and inclusion are embedded into our culture, fostered and promoted. ​We believe a diverse and inclusive work environment positively impacts our business and will help us reach our full potential as individuals and as a company.

Our D&I priorities
  • Following Diversity and Inclusion in our employee engagement survey
  • Building awareness inside the organization through workshops and communications
  • Increasing awareness on inclusive recruitment practices
  • Removing barriers and biases from our processes
  • Building psychological safety in our teams through training
D&I strategy
Fair pay

Addressing unexplained gender-related pay gaps at Metso

At Metso, we believe in fairness and equality. As part of our commitment to creating an inclusive workplace, we conducted a comprehensive global fair pay analysis across our nearly 50 operating countries. The results confirmed that our existing policies and practices serve as a strong foundation, and typically the salary of our employees develops in an unbiased manner during their career in Metso.

However, during this analysis, we also identified specific instances where unexplained gender-related pay gaps existed. In 2022, Metso made a one-time investment of EUR 2.2 million to correct the identified individual, unexplained gender-related pay gaps. These exceptional increases were made to some 500 employees in around 20 countries.

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Fostering psychological safety

We have identitied psychological safety as one of the key enablers for performance culture. The significance of psychological safety cannot be overstated. Creating an environment where every team member feels comfortable speaking up and seeking assistance without the fear of negative consequences is a pre-requisite for high performance and mental well-being. Therfore, at Metso, we continue building psychological safety in our organization and in our teams. 

Psychological safety