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Backed by novel and world-class research and testing capabilities, Metso’s proprietary alkaline pressure leach process produces battery-grade lithium salts while adhering to the highest environmental standards as a Planet Positive product.

Proprietary technology for refining spodumene concentrate

Cost efficiency

Lower capital and operating costs due to streamlined flowsheet and lower reagent usage


Sustainable and safe process as residues are inert and readily neutralized

Soaring demand for lithium

The demand for lithium is predicted to triple over the next decade, according to forecasts. Electric-vehicle (EV) boom, fueled by the urgent need to implement solutions and technologies limiting global warming, are driving lithium-ion battery development and production.

With the growing share of renewable energy in the global energy mix, the demand for effective energy storage technologies becomes increasingly important to ensure a stable and resilient power supply.

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Metso Lithium Hydroxide Process
Metso Lithium Hydroxide Process

Metso is a comprehensive solution provider for major lithium operations, backed by the latest technology and decades of experience in spodumene extraction.

Our proprietary technology offers a short-cut process concept for spodumene concentrates: direct alkaline leach process for lithium extraction and solubilization, followed by crystallization of the lithium product. Furthermore, the leach process is environmentally sustainable: acid & sulphate free, without undesired crystallized salts or by-products, producing inert and neutral mineral residue for re-use or disposal.

Industry’s most comprehensive scope of supply

We have the robust proprietary technology, knowhow and insight needed to help improve the efficiency and sustainability of the entire lithium hydroxide value chain. 

Core Acillary Enablers Services
OKTOP® autoclave plant unit Ion Exchanger (partnered) Courier® analyzer Lifecycle services
OKTOP® reactor plant unit Feeding systems (including partnered) Geminex™ metallurgical digital twin Spare parts
Larox® PF filter Crystallizers (partnered) Metallurgical testing Installation, commissioning, and start-up services
LSF filter Packing system (partnered) Plant and process engineering Asset maintenance readiness
      Equipment inspections and upgrades
      Training services
      Consignment stock spare part services
Concentrator plant and hydrometallurgical LiOH process
Concentrator plant and hydrometallurgical LiOH process
Comprehensive research and testwork capabilities

As part of our commitment to strong and on-going research and development, we strive to develop new and improved equipment and processing technologies that satisfy the ever-changing needs of our customers. To meet the evolving needs of the battery industry, Metso has expanded its process piloting capabilities at the Pori Research Center.

We have successfully tested and piloted the process with several spodumene concentrates to produce battery-grade end product. Additionally, the alkaline leaching concept is under development to cover also other lithium minerals like petalite, zinnwaldite and lepidolite.

Comprehensive research and testwork capabilities
Battery Minerals
Metso is driving a more responsible and sustainable energy transition with its comprehensive coverage of the battery minerals production and recycling processes.
Sustainable lithium hydroxide technology to help our planet

Sustainable lithium hydroxide technology to help our planet

Metso is providing the way for our customers to achieve the lowest GWP (Global Warming Potential) in lithium production from spodumene.

Planet positive process:

  • Reduced pollution to air, water, and soil with neutral and sulfate free residues
  • 40-60% reduction in water use, as well as acidification and eutrophication impact categories, based on LCIA (Life Cycle Impact Assessment) results of lithium hydroxide production
  • Minimized plant footprint & embedded carbon
Metso at MINExpo
Visit booth #12543 to discover how our solutions are empowering a responsible energy transition


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