Metso Mining Solutions In-pit Crush and Convey (IPCC)
Metso’s In-pit crush and convey (IPCC) solutions provide the highest energy efficiency and productivity for your mine electrification program . Metso’s IPCC portfolio includes crushing, conveyors and stacking equipment- all are flexible, modular and designed to be integrated together.

Modular and compact design


Up to 70% faster feasibility & 15% faster delivery

Higher productivity

SmartStation, ConveyInsights™, Metso components

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Access our 3D modules and design data, select the sizing and criteria you need, and instantly assess multiple conveyor route options.
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In-pit crush and convey solutions - Redefining IPCC productivity

Trust Metso with your mine electrification program. Metso’s productized Foresight SMPG and ForesightTM overland conveyor range offer the highest energy efficiency and productivity, and combined with our application software - the William Conveyor Explorer and Crush and Convey Resource Center - make IPCC planning easier, cheaper and faster than ever before. Thats how we help to tackle +40% of energy in concentrate being Diesel. Thats how we help to reach the best of all electrified haulage combinations to reduce this fast and affordable.

Metso IPCC solutions are also a part of the Planet Positive portfolio.

Looking for even more content? Check out our brochure in the downloads below or read the recent interview done with International Mining - 'Gearing up for the next generation of IPCC applications'.


Bulk ore sorting solutions
Metso combines our industry leading crushing solutions and expertise with bulk ore sorting technology to increase the volume of mineable tons, which increases resource availability, productivity and energy efficiency for the mining operation.
IPCC Planning Services
IPCC Planning Services

We understand no two IPCC projects are alike, so we treat them that way from beginning to execution. Metso's IPCC Planning Services team supports mining and EPC companies by applying our software solutions, William Conveyor Explorer and Metso’s Crush and Convey Resource Center.  Using these solutions you can decrease feasibility study time by up to 70% as 3D models and specifications are instantly available.

Our services break down into 3 stages:

  • AssessTrade-off study to identify value
  • Analyze: Integrated mine planning and equipment design to maximize value
  • Advance: Detailed execution program ready for delivery

With the 3 stage approach, we deliver a quick and efficient project definition. 


When working with our team we develop your optimal solution based on your operational goals while using proven technology. 

  • Crushing: Foresight™ semi-mobile primary gyratory (SMPG), Lokotrack® mobile solutions, FIT™ stations
  • Conveying: Foresight™ overland conveyors, mobile
  • Stacking: Coarse ore stackers (Spreaders and mobile stacking bridges also available - Read more about co-operation agreement)

Metso services support is unmatched by delivering either pre-designed or customizable packages to deliver performance outcomes. Our aim is not only deliver a successful IPCC operation, but then also keep it running at an optimal level. Our featured services are:

  • Life Cycle Services (LCS)
  • Off site pre-assembly
  • On site assembly
  • Process optimization
  • Connected analytics
Metso wins order for Foresight™ semi-mobile primary gyratory crushing plant at Codelco’s Radomiro Tomic operation
Foresight™ semi-mobile primary gyratory (SMPG) station

The Metso Foresight™ SMPG station are high capacity and modular solutions that are a key highlight in our IPCC designs.

  • SmartStation features for optimal processing, reducing wear and plant height whilst autonomously controlling material size
  • Improving maintainability through improved crusher access and plant area isolation
  • Reduce height and downtime with SMPG feeder
  • Variable capacities with different crushers and truck sizes

The Foresight™ SMPG station includes our Superior™ MKIII primary gyratory crusher. This brings additional benefits such as reduced downtime by up to 70%, and increased capacities by up to 30%.

Learn more about the Foresight™ SMPG station.


Foresight™ semi-mobile primary gyratory (SMPG) station
Foresight™ overland conveyors
Foresight™ overland conveyors

Metso Foresight™ overland conveyors can be customized with existing Foresight modules and use of Metso’s standard premium conveyor components. Bolted assembly and pre-commissioning can be done offsite and transported onsite. Utilize the Metso Crush and Convey Resource Center to increase the speed of feasibility. Access online sizing and selection and assess conveyor route options. 

Speed - 70% faster feasibility and 15% faster delivery

Productization for today’s mining - ease of planning, configuration, assessment and quoting

Configured for high-capacity - up to 15,000 tons/hour capacity

Learn more about the Foresight Conveyors

Metso provides in-pit crush and convey (IPCC) solution to Olenegorskiy GOK
Metso provides an IPCC solution to Olenegorskiy GOK in Russia for iron ore application.


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