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Crusher spare parts

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When choosing spare parts for your crusher, think long-term. Metso's parts help to keep your crusher working at its optimal level. They are engineered to fit and function like only the original parts can – without compromising performance, capacity, health and safety, or environmental factors.
OEM quality

Applying the strictest standards and tolerances for guaranteed safety and reliability.

Productive sustainability

Long-lasting parts and crusher upgrades help to get more out of your assets.

Complete offering

Whether your crusher is two or twenty years old, get the exact parts and components for your operation.

crusher parts
Availability with full support

We support you from over 150 locations globally from recommended parts lists to installation to upgrades and beyond.

The value of OEM parts

Correct spare parts are critical to the successful operation of any process equipment. Only the OEM has the insight to engineer parts that can take into account even the smallest design details of the crusher. Each component undergoes rigorous testing in both laboratory and field-based trials to ensure the manufacturing processes, materials and quality control are of the highest standards. Our genuine parts, therefore outperform imitations and with a longer lifetime, saving time, costs – not to mention the environment.

Our customized spare parts solutions help you improve equipment reliability and availability, and support you in optimizing plant performance and total cost of ownership with more sustainable operations.

Our goal is to build a proactive partnership with you based on a deep understanding of your operations. We aim to make part identification, ordering, supply, and demand planning as smooth, efficient, and cost-effective as possible.

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By professionals for professionals
Mobile and portable crusher parts

Mobile crushers provide added flexibility for operators. From early single unit trailers to industry advancing track-mounted behemoths, Metso has been providing mobile crushing and screening plants for decades.

All spare parts for mobile and portable crushers are engineered to exactly match the original specifications. They are known for improved performance and reliability. 

The tailor-made consumable spares packages include commonly replaced parts such as filters, V-belts and rollers. Our product specialists can provide parts kits based on serial numbers to fit your specific machine. This leads to safer maintenance, reduced costs and less downtime.

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Mobile and portable crusher parts.

Comprehensive crusher parts packages and services

Crusher spare part kits

Do you know what parts you need for your next maintenance to ensure high crusher uptime? All the parts for your 250, 1,000 and 2,000 hour preventive maintenance come in convenient, cost-efficient parts kits. Additionally, Metso offers fastening parts kits, which consistently provide the proper strength to keep spare parts working properly.

Installation and field services

Free up your resources by relying on Metso. We can ensure you have the right personnel in place to do the job, safely and efficiently. No matter how big or small, from relining to component replacement, you can count on us. We also offer spare parts lifting tools to ensure an efficient and safe liner change-out for your crusher.

Parts planning, inspections and extended warranties

Scheduled inspections and audit services help to highlight potential issues, which can be covered under extended warranties through Metso's Equipment Protection Services.

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Parts that are in contact with the material flow will wear out over time and the Wear Flow package is an easy way to order new wear parts. Secure your Lokotrack availability with machine-specific packages and recommendations for Lokotrack crushers and screens. Don’t get caught down on site, stock wear flow parts to make it right.
Reliant crusher spare parts
Reliant crusher spare parts

Reliant crusher spares are the ideal combination of value, quality and function. Offered to our customers who need a cost-sensitive alternative to our premium spares but want the value and security that only the OEM can provide.

We offer Reliant spare wear parts for Nordberg® C, HP, GP, and Symons™ crushers. These Reliant crusher spare parts are designed by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), so you can trust the fit and function with your Metso crusher.

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Parts for non-Metso crushers

In addition to the wide range of parts for Metso's current crushers and heritage brands, we also offer high-quality spare parts for crushers made by other manufacturers. 

The premium parts offering for 3rd party crushers is called the Contender™ Series. These parts are not OEM parts but designed using our know-how and decades of experience in crushing. Many of these parts are improved versions of the originals with better safety, easier maintenance and longer life.

A complete range of critical parts has been developed of select models, supported by high stock availability and skilled support personnel.

Learn more about the Contender™ Series >>

Parts for non-Metso crushers.
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Parts available for all Metso heritage brands

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