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Life Cycle Services for mining

Life Cycle Services for mining

Customizable mining service packages delivering performance and sustainability outcomes

Minerals processing plants have many moving parts. You need to connect the dots to meet operational and sustainability goals, but this can prove to be complex. Rather than looking at each part individually, why not consider a complete solution? We are here to support you with pre-packaged and custom programs.

Designing and delivering customized performance-based and sustainability solutions with strict KPIs

Circular economy

With a service contract in place, achieve longer life for equipment, wear parts and spares resulting in less waste.


Over 500 Life Cycle Services contracts delivering results globally

up to 69%

less time for shutdowns - less time spent on dangerous tasks

Why consider Life Cycle Services for mining

What is LCS for mining

Life Cycle Services takes our entire aftermarket portfolio and conveniently bundles them into customizable, easily manageable packages. Depending on the scale of your needs, our packages are flexible and equipped to cover a single-event or to span multiple years, measured against strict KPIs.

Whether acting as a supplement to your team, or managing all aspects of your maintenance and operations, LCS packages are designed to help you meet your performance and sustainability goals.

How it works

Metso has been offering innovative LCS solutions for over 15 years, and no one solution has looked the same. We collaborate closely and design a program that works for you. This can focus on a specific goal or developing a partnership based on continuous improvement and optimization of your sites performance and sustainability. 

For added simplicity, we've categorized LCS into four progressive packages, each building on one another, yet still personalized to your needs. Additionally, each package is backed by flexible commercial models including monthly payments, cost-per-ton, or payment deferrals.

KPI driven sustainability improvements across your site
KPI driven sustainability improvements across your site

With our LCS packages we can help you improve your site's sustainability inititiaves as well as enhance the long-term efficiency of your operations. For example, we can help you reduce energy consumption, optimize water consumption, minimize waste and extend the lifetime of your assets. We also provide recycling solutions for parts that have reached the end of their useful life. Our Life Cycle Services can bring benefits to your operation over the life cycle of your equipment.

With Metso LCS packages you get everything you need in one place and our service portfolio covers everything from spares and wears to advanced maintenance, remote monitoring and other expert services.
A complete service offering
A complete service offering
Inspect and protect

Catching issues early

Our inspect and protect package gives you peace of mind. Scheduled OEM inspections help prevent breakdowns and unplanned repairs, and they reduce maintenance costs. Our trained and certified technicians provide detailed reports identifying equipment condition following inspections. They can also make recommendations for maintenance actions and strategies that need to be taken, including extending or reducing maintenance intervals.

  • Peace of mind knowing OEM technicians have verified your equipment condition to catch issues early
  • High equipment availability and fewer breakdowns
  • Better wear and spare parts availability, optimized inventory
  • Efficiently operating equipment helps optimize energey usage and water consumption
Inspect and protect
Shutdown advantage
Shutdown advantage

Fast and easy planned shutdowns

With our shutdown advantage package, Metso ensures smooth, safe and successful shutdowns, performing all elements of a shutdown from start to finish. The package includes a site evaluation and shutdown planning, as well as the actual execution of the shutdown. It also includes expert analysis like Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) Time and Motion analysis to identify ways to improve and speed up shutdown execution.

  • Successful and safe shutdown execution on time & on budget
  • Maximized equipment availability & increased production
  • Optimized inventory
  • Sustainability benefits, optimized wear parts for longer life and less waste
Maintenance edge

Plan the maintenance and execute the plan

With the maintenance edge package, Metso will manage all aspects of the maintenance process for you, including planning, execution, reporting and continuous improvement. We define the optimal maintenance strategy for each piece of equipment to minimize maintenance time and ensure reliable performance at the lowest sustainable cost. Training for your staff on OEM maintenance & operational best practices is also included. We will also optimize your inventory to ensure that the right parts are available when needed.

  • Maximized equipment reliability and improved parts availability
  • Optimized maintenance plans
  • Efficiently operating equipment can help save on energy usage and water consumption
Maintenance edge
Total performance
Total performance

Amplifying your plant’s performance

Get the highest production, performance and end-product quality from your plant with our total performance package. It includes all components from the three other LCS packages, and adds elements to optimize your processes and boost asset performance. This package supports your operations from commissioning and ramp-up to years of continued operations. Our OEM process experts can conduct process benchmarking studies and simulations to evaluate your circuit performance and provide recommendations and support.

  • Improved plant availability, higher production efficiency
  • Better visibility of overall operations through reporting
  • Improved energy usage & water consumption using process optimization 
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