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Slurry pump parts

Slurry pump parts

Durable spares and wears when you need them

When pumping abrasive slurries it’s not a question of if you will need spare and wear parts – it’s a question of when. With fully integrated systems and single source supply solutions we simplify the inventory, distribution and installation of slurry pump spares and wears to keep our customers’ processes running longer, safer and more efficiently.

Single-source OEM supplier

Original drawings and design details for Metso, Sala, Thomas, Denver, Marathon, Orion, and Titan slurry pumps.

Maintain and optimize plant performance

Easily interchangeable parts. Simplify service and maintenance with local inventory and deployment.

Experience of numerous applications

Mining and mineral processing, sand and gravel, dredging, copper, iron ore, diamond, alumina, coal, gold, kaolin, pulp and paper, steel, sugar, chemical, FGD, sand blending, power, construcion, tunneling.

Global expertise, local support

Pumping professionals in over 60 countries in the world.

Considerations when buying wear and spare parts for pumps
Purchasing wear and spare parts for your pumps must be a calculated decision. Outside of price and delivery, what else should you be looking at? Click the link on the right to find 7 considerations to factor in our latest eBook
Improve slurry pumping performance with a reliable partner.
Reliable partner

The spare and wear parts program from Metso offers the confidence that you can ensure plant safety and maintain like-new performance. As a single-source supplier we stand behind every product and component simplifying maintenance and supporting uptime.

Our slurry pump parts are strategically inventoried close to our customers so they can be quickly deployed in times of need.

We work with customers to develop a maintenance and parts inventory that will keep the plant running and help extend the life cycle of equipment.

Slurry seals

Metso offers a complete line of slurry pump mechanical seals to satisfy most slurry transport applications in a wide range of industries.

Mechanical seals are typically applied to slurry pump applications when:

  • Water conservation is a concern
  • Zero leakage of water out of the pump is required
  • No dilution water into the process is allowed
  • Traditional packing and shaft sleeve life fail prematurely
  • Operating cost must be reduced

Read more about Metso's mechanical slurry seals

Slurry seals
Why you should choose genuine OEM pump parts over replicas
Read on why genuine OEM pump parts are better than replicas, in terms of safety, warranty, design, expertise and cost.


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