Metso Aggregates Solutions Solutions for aggregate quarries
When you own or operate a quarry and produce aggregates to various different customers, our wide range of plants, equipment, parts and services help you to increase productivity, reduce cost-per-ton, improve safety and avoid risks.

For various needs

Hard rock, soft rock, sand and gravel, recycled aggregates, manufactured sand.


Tailored or pre-designed production plants, stations, modules and equipment for high performance and productivity. 


Refurbishments and upgrades to bring an old site back to life. Liner and screening media changes to react variations in material, increase efficiency and reduce downtime. 


Robust and field-proven technologies. Over 1,500 field service experts and 40+ service centers globally.

Metso has designed and delivered equipment and services for quarries for decades.
Making your vision a reality

Are you planning on building a new quarry? Has the market changed, and the current setup can't answer the changes in demand? Do constantly increasing maintenance costs generate problems?

The latest technology has its benefits. New plants and equipment can produce more, faster, better quality - and at a lower cost.

A well-designed aggregates quarry is efficient and safe to operate but also adjustable to changes in demand.

Metso has designed and delivered plants and expansions for decades. We can take care of everything from the rock analysis and process planning to engineering, delivery, equipment and after sales support.

Whether you are after an entire plant or a particular unit, we are happy to tailor a solution for you.

Release the bottlenecks for better value

Would you like to restore your quarry to the original condition or address outdated technology?

Refurbishments and upgrades are the way to go if instead of redesigning the quarry, you prefer to continue mostly with your current equipment and operation but would still want to get more out of your assets.

  • Replace obsolete machines
  • Need for more capacity
  • Changes in material or end product
  • Produce better quality
  • Improve productivity with automation
  • New safety or environment regulations or standards
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce downtime

Updates cost less than designing and building a new plant, but with carefully carried improvements, your trusty old operation will charge to a new level of productivity – from the day one.

Would you like to restore your quarry to the original condition or address outdated technology?
Have the required wear linings and screening media available when you need them.
The right parts when you need them

Wear linings

Aggregates quarries process hard materials that wear out equipment and parts. Installed in points subject to wear, linings protect the assets and improve process flow, machine uptime and safety.

Our wide range of linings for quarries ensure proper fit and fast delivery. Liners can also be tailored for your specific operation. 

Screening media 

Such as linings, screening media is subject to constant stress and wear. The longer the wear life is, the better the productivity of the site.

Make sure you have the right screening media when you need it by partnering with Metso. All the media from a single source, stocking capacity, and capability to analyze and select the media that maximizes production and minimizes downtime.

Built to last for decades

Metso plants and equipment are made to deliver the highest customer value. 

The offering for aggregate quarries covers pre-designed and tailored complete plants, stations and modules. 

In addition, the range contains equipment such as crushers, screens, feeders, conveyors, rock breakers and air classifiers. Many machines are also available as mobile or portable versions.       

The whole offering is backed up with our thorough process knowledge and extensive global service network.

Metso can supply durable equipment, stations, and entire production plants.
Get Crushing and Screening Handbook
Get the most out of your assets

Metso is committed to helping you get the most out of your entire operation. Our service portfolio is supported by deep technical knowledge, experienced people, and specialized tools to maximize your profitability.

Without proper parts, equipment cannot function optimally. We offer standard spare parts with quick delivery. Wear parts, on the other hand, can be tailored to protect your equipment against overload, unplanned shutdowns and premature wearing out of main components.


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