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Working at Metso

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We work every day to build a thriving culture that is inclusive and enables everyone to do their best and reach their full potential. A culture that is courageous, compelling and caring, and unites Metsonites to build a sustainable future together.
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At Metso, there will always be a chance for you to learn and try something new. The ambitious, international working environment will allow you to grow, develop continuously and realize your potential. Leaders will coach you on your growth journey.

Diverse career opportunities

You are in the driver's seat of your own career. You will be encouraged to seize opportunities, participate in different projects and enhance your skills. You will be able to create your own career journey, sharpening your expertise, moving to a different role, or perhaps building a global career.

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Engaging our people

We believe continuous feedback and open dialogue between managers and employees is a cornerstone for our success as a company and a prerequisite for our employees to drive their careers. To achieve this, we aim to be agile in setting targets and reviewing performance while encouraging constant touch points between managers and employees through 'Growth Dialogues'. We want to foster a psychologically safe environment where it's okay to ask questions, make mistakes and grow.

In addition, to help us understand the  opinions, feelings and challenges of our people, we organize quarterly ‘Our voice’ surveys and use this feedback to guide our decisions on a company, team, and individual level. The overall engagement rate in the survey has been continuously above the industry benchmark, and the participation rate has been high.

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Worldwide peer support

As part of an open, inclusive and supportive network, you will partner with driven and talented colleagues from around the world. They will respect who you are and provide help as needed to achieve shared goals.

Forward thinkers

You will belong to a top-notch company where people are passionate about making a positive change in the world through sustainable innovations.

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Rewards and benefits

At Metso, we want to ensure equal and fair treatment of our people. We use a global job-leveling system in which each role is matched to a job level based on its demands. These job levels serve as the basis for our compensation model, together with other attributes such as performance, relevant market and industry practices, ethics, and local statutory compliance — more information on our fair pay practices on the Diversity & Inclusion page.

Our global incentive programs are tied to business targets and encourage and reward individual and team performance. In addition, we offer local benefits that vary from country to country. These may include, for instance:

  • medical care
  • healthy living awards
  • personnel funds
  • pro bono work opportunities
  • flexible working conditions
  • meal benefits, car/bicycle benefits and
  • the opportunity for job rotation

Flexible working

Metso's global guidelines encourage a hybrid work model, whenever possible, to provide flexibility and support well-being. We recognize that flexible working increases workplace diversity by better accommodating the different needs of our employees.

We also consider each team's work requirements and local labor practices (we proudly operate in almost 50 countries!), which may place different expectations and standards in some locations and for specific roles.