Metso Mining Conveying
Metso Foresight™ and FIT™ conveyors take project ease, speed and productivity to the next level. The wide range available of modules and components enable faster feasibility, delivery and erection time. ConveyInsights™ predictive maintenance and flow control technology combined with the use of Metso premium components help you achieve your productivity targets.

Modular and flexible design.


Up to 70% faster feasibility. Up to 25% faster delivery. Up to 15% faster erection time.


ConveyInsights™, predictive maintenance and flow control.

Premium components

Known performance, maximum availability.

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Metso FIT™ and Foresight™ conveyors

Foresight™ overland conveyors

Metso Foresight™ overland conveyors connect your primary crushing plant to your coarse ore stockpile or leach pad or waste dump. The extensive range of productized Foresight modules, drive trains and Metso premium components allows combination of modules to configure a vast array of applications in terms of capacity, distance and lifts as you may require. The modules have been designed for ease of transport, assembly, operation and maintenance. Check out Metso’s William Conveyor Explorer application software to size your conveyors and download the relevant models and technical data to instantly assess route options and enhance the planning experience in your own software environment.

  • Productization for today's mining - ease of planning, configuration, assessment, quoting, transport, installation, operation and maintenance.
  • Modular - ~70% faster feasibility with William Conveyor Explorer and Metso Crush and Convey Resource Center.
  • Speed - 15% faster on engineering & construction.
  • Compact – lowest footprint and reduced civils.
  • Configured for high-capacity - up to 15,000 tons/hour capacity.
  • Imagined sustainability – deliver your mine electrification plans fast - keep up with your decarbonization targets.
Foresight™ conveyors
FIT™ conveyors

FIT™ in-plant conveyors

Metso FIT™ conveyors are stationary in-plant conveyors used within FIT crushing plants with standard modules and new digital solutions. Both FIT conveyors and stations are flexible and agile to meet your needs, delivering maximum productivity for the most demanding mining applications. With many options of combination and optimized weights, FIT conveyors meet global safety standards and requirements. The new Smart Active Take-up system and an innovative tracking system is bringing the FIT conveyor to a higher level in terms of digitalization. The FIT conveyor is designed using Metso proprietary components, including pulleys, rollers, scrapers and cleaners to maximize availability. ESI idlers are also available to help on energy savings and reliability of the components. Benefits of FIT conveyors include:

  • Implementation time – Up to 25% faster from proposal to erection
  • Design – Modular and flexible
  • Ease of maintenance – Metso premium components
  • Sustainable – Lighter modules and ESI Idlers
  • Safety – Smart Active Take-up (SAT)
  • Digital – Material tracking system
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Metso Foresight™ overland conveyors
Visit Crush and Convey Resource Center
Access our 3D modules and design data, select the sizing and criteria you need, and instantly assess multiple conveyor route options.

Specialized conveyors

  • In addition to FIT and Foresight conveyor systems, Metso supports a wide range of conveyors for specialized applications in mining, pharmaceutical, power, food and other industries to efficiently move material through challenging temperatures, terrains and distances.
  • Chain, and en-masse conveyor equipment are offered as new greenfield systems and are also supported with parts and upgrades.
  • Metso’s chain conveyors include drag chain and submerged chain conveyor equipment to keep your capital and operating costs low.
  • Metso en-masse conveyors are perfect for transporting any material, working both vertically (elevator motion) and horizontally (conveying motion) that can handle high capacities and withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius.
  • In addition to Chain and en-masse conveyors, Metso also supports brownfield cable belt conveyors which carry material over difficult terrain with no immediate transfer points.
  • Our offering for cable belt systems include parts, upgrades and additional services.


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