Metso Aggregates Services Process optimization for aggregates
Process optimization and controls for aggregates equipment.

Process optimization and controls for aggregates equipment

Improving performance using technology and expertise

Aggregate processes are interrelated. The performance of one impacts the other. While it is critical that each individual process runs efficiently, it's also important to take a step back and look at the big picture. We are here to support you from quick fixes on single processes to full pit-to-port optimization for aggregate processes.

Unique know-how and leading process tools to help you reach your sustainability targets

Decrease environmental impact


Enable sustainability initiatives while maximizing productivity

Reduce downtime and maintenance


Modular designs for faster installation and stronger materials with greater reliability

Increase capacity and production


Increase throughput by improving efficiency 

Improve stability


Achieve consistent output with reduced variability and stabilized processes

Why consider aggregates process optimization?
Why consider aggregates process optimization?

Optimization in aggregates is a flexible practice, which can focus on bottlenecks, downstream impact, or adapting to market trends. It all starts with your goals:

Increase production

Common during market booms, activities are centered on debottlenecking to improve availability, throughput & recovery.

Reduce costs

Whether for one unit or the entire system, activities include reducing energy consumption, chemical cost, water use & adapting to ore types.

Improve stability

Achieving consistent output is key in each stage, the focus is on reducing variability and stabilizing processes across the plant.

Decrease environmental impact

Enabling sustainability initiatives while maximizing productivity & profitability.

How aggregates process optimization works

No matter the size of the project, we apply our proven four-step method:

1. Consultation

Together, our experts help to define specific goals and uncover areas of opportunity. Detailed analysis and benchmarking are typically performed, using our state-of-art laboratories. Projects are always tailored to suit individual needs, usually centered on a key focus area:

  • Ore characterization and ore tracking from mine to mill
  • Drill and blast optimization
  • Comminution and/or flotation circuit design and optimization
  • Advanced Process Controls
  • Electrical, instrumentation, and control system design
  • Life of mine optimization
  • Sustainability targets

2. Solution development

Metso has developed several process monitoring, analysis, and control tools to help maintain optimum operations at mine sites. Utilizing these tools, custom solutions are engineered and tested through simulations.

3. Implementation

All recommendations are performed safely and efficiently with the complete support of Metso experts. Risk mitigation and safety are the core focus of this stage.

4. Continuous improvement

Remote monitoring can be integrated into solutions and support standardizing operating procedures and training with sustainable benefits over time.

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