Wear linings

Wear linings

Better material flow and less maintenance

Installed in chutes, spouts, hoppers, transfer points, and other applications subjected to wear, long-lasting and robust wear linings make a substantial difference in improving process flow, machine uptime, and safety, while offering a more sustainable solution.


Increased uptime

Design optimized for long life and fast change-outs, using unique tools, fasteners, and installation methods.

Maximized throughput

Long-lasting and reliable solutions keep materials flowing. Optimized change-outs mean more production.

Lower OPEX

Lower operational cost per ton and increased sustainability due to the use of less wear material and fewer maintenance hours.

Improved safety & sustainability

Less risky maintenance, fewer hot work situations, less exposure to confined spaces, and sustainable, long-lasting parts.

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A wide range of applications
A wide range of applications

Wear linings solutions have an important function in most process stages. Replacing standard linings with Metso optimized solutions gives the maximum protection needed:

How we deliver results
  • The market’s most complete wear lining offering means we can select exactly the right material and design for your operating conditions
  • Ability to not only optimize the wear lining but also to design and offer complete chutes, bins, and other transfer points
  • Continued optimization delivers the best performance – even as the process parameters change
  • A unique range of fasteners and tools designed for safe and fast replacements
  • Access to experienced resources and value-added services
  • Our wear-lining solutions are long-lasting, cost-effective and more sustainable
How we deliver results
Your process changes and we change along with it
Your process changes and we change along with it

For us, continuous optimization means working closely with you, truly understanding your process and making improvements accordingly. With us, you don’t just get wear parts, you get continuous performance and sustainability improvements.

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