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Larox® RT-GT filter - Your partner in solvent extraction for edible oils

Larox® RT-GT filters offer fully continuous multi-step processing in a single unit for various different applications.
100+ Larox® RT-GT's installed all over the world
Gas tight solvent based processing
Larox® RT-GT is a part of the Planet Positive portfolio

Continuous vacuum belt filtration transforms the industry, redefining the separation of palm olein and stearin. This method ensures uninterrupted separation, with a typical capacity of 300 kg/m²h stearin. Operating automatically with over 95% availability in 24/7 operation, it boosts productivity while maintaining product quality. Larox® RT-GT filters represent the leading method of continuous solid-liquid separation for solvent wetted materials under a fully inert atmosphere. 


  • Efficiency: It guarantees efficient olein and stearin separation, consistently delivering optimal results.
  • Solvent Reduction: Significantly lowers solvent consumption (acetone or hexane) through efficient stearin phase washing, saving 20-30% of solvent. Closed-loop operation and counter-current stearin crystal wash minimize solvent use.
  • Product Quality: Preserves product quality with gentle separation, preventing degradation and emulsification. Sensory and nutritional attributes of edible oil remain intact.
  • Safety: Integrated gas-tight enclosures ensure safety under solvent/Ex-proof conditions, meeting the highest safety standards.
  • Cost Efficiency: Closed-loop nitrogen-solvent mix minimizes nitrogen and solvent consumption, reducing operational costs.


  • Palm Oil Industry: Optimizes palm olein-stearin separation, enhancing the palm oil solvent fractionation process.

  • Edible Oil Production: Preserves edible oil quality and nutrition during separation.

  • Chemical Industry: Adaptable for chemical separation and purification processes, increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

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Larox RT & Larox RT-GT



  • Filtration capacity: 200 – 400 kg/m²h stearin
  • Wash ratio: 1 – 3 l/kg ds (co- of counter-current)


  • Filtration capacity: 100 – 150 kg/m²h stearin
  • Wash ratio: 4 – 10 l/kg ds (co- of counter-current)

Counter current cake washing enables to achieve the stearin crystal quality (iodine value) while reducing the solvent consumption.

Common solvents in these processes are hexane and acetone.

Spent Bleaching Earth

  • Filtration capacity: 750 – 1000 kg/m²h dry solids
  • Wash ratio: approx. 0,5 l/kg dry solids

Cake washing is used to reduce the olein content in the cake.

Larox product family

  • Reduces lifetime production costs
  • Improves product quality, value and consistency
  • Improves safety, health and environmental (SHE) performance  
  • Improves yield and productivity

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