Metso Corporate Newsroom News 2013 Outotec VSF®X Plant - Modularized revolution for efficient solvent extraction
Product news November 29, 2013

Outotec VSF®X Plant - Modularized revolution for efficient solvent extraction

Outotec has been developing a wide range of solvent extraction technologies for decades and is now launching the new Outotec VSF®X Plant. The standardized and modularized Outotec VSF®X Plant provides a novel way to design, manufacture, transport, install, operate and maintain a solvent extraction plant far better than in the past with highly sustainable and safe methods.

The Outotec VSF®X Plant is designed to handle flows from 100 m³/h up to 10 000 m³/h and metal content from 1g/l up to 50g/l. All metals for which an extraction reagent is available can be extracted using Outotec VSF®X solvent extraction technology.

One stop shop - total delivery package

Outotec is the only technology provider that offers a highly predefined but still tailor-made total delivery package based on customers' needs. Outotec's renowned SX knowledge is automatically included in predesigned VSF®X Mixer-Settler modules. This innovative, modular product enables fast-track deliveries, predefined costs, state-of-the-art documentation and implementation, efficient logistics, and fast installation - all this in and environmentally friendly and sustainable way.


  • 20% shorter lead time
  • Decades of experience in solvent extraction
  • Predefined concept and modular design
  • Lower investment, installation and operation costs
  • Increased availability
  • Proven environmentally sound technology
  • Enhanced safety
  • Life cycle services available

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