Metso Corporate Newsroom News 2013 There are now over 300 TankCell® e300's out there!
Product news February 25, 2013

There are now over 300 TankCell® e300's out there!

Outotec TankCell® e300 is the best selling flotation cell in the world in its size range

Outotec introduced a new large-scale flotation cell, the TankCell® e300, in 2007 to meet the demands for increased capacities at big new concentrator plants. The big unit has all the same features that have made Outotec TankCells the market leader in flotation. The symmetrical tank with a mixer at the bottom of the cell provides even mixing patterns with efficient mixing in the bottom and high froth surface stability for proper froth removal. The simplified tank design means cost effective construction.

From the beginning Outotec TankCells have guaranteed proven metallurgical results and high availability. Years of research and development with flotation cell hydrodynamics resulted in the Outotec FloatForce® mixing mechanism, which was launched a year before the TankCell® e300. All TankCell® e300 flotation cells are equipped with FloatForce® mixing technology that further improves metallurgical performance with increased slurry pumping efficiency and gas dispersion capacity, as well as increased lifetime and reliability for the mechanism.

When the Tankcell® e300 was brought to the market, it immediately became a success. Several concentrator plants around the world already benefit from the TankCell® e300.

The history of the Outotec TankCell® stretches back over 100 years when Outokumpu began testing flotation processes for the first time at the Orijärvi Mine in Finland. Research and development activities into the company's own flotation technologies began in the 1960s, and dedication to continuous improvements in flotation cell performance since then is the reason behind the popularity of Outotec's TankCells, including the Outotec TankCell® e300.

The Outotec TankCell® e500 with 500-600 m3 of effective flotation capacity was launched in 2012 to support the TankCell® e300 in operations that require even larger production capacities and that have even higher requirements for efficiency. Today the TankCell® product family offers the widest size range on the market, from 5 m³ to 500 m³, and the symmetrical unit design allows a flexible layout. The new large TankCell® e500 has been scaled up from smaller TankCells by using the same rules that made the previous world's largest flotation machine, the TankCell® e300, the best selling flotation cell in the world in its size range. 

There are now over 300 TankCell® e300’s out there! Download