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Product news September 3, 2013

Outotec ARTS(TM) Anode and Rod Tracking System for primary aluminum smelters

Outotec is launching ARTS(TM), a new tracking system for anodes and rods in primary aluminum smelters. It is a combination of an anode and rod identification and tracking system, together with a customized database and analytical software. ARTS(TM) effectively tracks both anodes and rods, helping to control the quality of anodes, improve the overall smelter performance and rodshop operations. A system like this has long been lacking in primary aluminum smelters and with the Outotec ARTS(TM), Outotec can now offer such a system which is the first of its kind in successful operation.

How the tracking works

The Outotec ARTS(TM) tracks each carbon anode from its moulding at the vibrocompactor throughout its entire life cycle. For identification, each carbon anode is stamped with a unique binary dot-code as part of the forming process. The code refers to a data set for each individual anode which will be stored in a data base.

On its way through the cooling, storage, bake furnace, and up to the rodshop, the anode binary code is readable by a camera which transfers the anode code to the database. In the database, the anode code is linked to the upstream production parameters for the particular anode. At the mating station in the rodshop the reference to this data set is complemented by the RFID code of the anode rod.

From this point on, up to stripping off the spent anode, the rod ID provides the cross reference to the individual anode and as such gives access to its performance in the process.

Careful analysis of the data collected via the Outotec ARTS(TM) will allow a smelter to correlate anode manufacturing parameters versus anode performance which generates opportunities for quality and efficiency improvements.


  • Control of anode performance in smelter and rodshop operations
  • Improved anode quality and efficiency of operations through analysis of anode data and resulting enhancements
  • Permanent rod identification also assists defined setting of assembly to pot
  • Monitoring of production throughout the carbon plant

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