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Product news September 24, 2013

Outotec Larox® CC 240 - High performance with low operating costs

Outotec is introducing yet another large scale filtration technology

The Outotec Larox® CC 240 is the result of decades of experience and continuous R&D. It is tailored to the needs of high volume industries such as iron ore, and others where increased capacities with low energy and water consumption are critical. The Outotec Larox CC filters are employed at many mineral processing plants around the world to achieve outstanding process performance, low operating costs, high productivity and superior process results.

The unique design of the Outotec Larox CC filter utilizes microporous ceramic sectors instead of conventional filter cloth. Capillary action in the micropores creates high suction without the need for large, high-energy vacuum pumps, resulting in low energy consumption and creating savings in CO2 emissions.

The ceramic disc's micropores also ensure an extremely clear filtrate. Due to the capillary action, CC filters produce extremely dry filter cakes meeting transportable limits and pelletizing requirements. In iron and chromite pelletizing, the consistent low moisture levels reduce binder additions and create stronger pellets.

Satisfying high throughput demand for e.g. iron ore pellet plants,  the Outotec Larox CC 240 comes with high level of instrumentation and automation,  ensuring constant moisture levels for superior downstream production.

Outotec has been developing ways to recycle the regeneration acid and the filtrate of the CC filter to create savings in acid and water consumption during dewatering. The CC 240 operates in a closed-circuit system, which recycles the acidic cleaning solution and minimizes effluent.

Whether you are seeking to upgrade your existing pellet plant or planning to open a new mine Outotec is at your service with simple process island deliveries for plant upgrades to integrated concentrator solution with packaged O&M services for reliable operation and maximum production.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Continuous, automatic operation
  • Extremely clear filtrates 
  • No filter cloths
  • Low process costs
  • Minimal maintenance and high availability
  • Integrated filter and ancillaries system 
  • Fast delivery and simple installation

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