Metso Corporate Newsroom News 2014 Outotec Nickel Matte Chloride Leaching - a resource efficient way to treat nickel intermediates
Product news June 25, 2014

Outotec Nickel Matte Chloride Leaching - a resource efficient way to treat nickel intermediates

Flexible new approach enables maximum uptime, faster return on investment, and sustainable processing.

Outotec has been developing chloride hydrometallurgy-based processes since the 1980s, when the technique was originally developed for copper recovery. It has since been extended to nickel, zinc, and gold processing. Outotec is now launching a new environmentally sustainable and resource efficient plant solution for nickel refining - the Outotec Nickel Matte Chloride Leaching Process.

The process is extremely flexible and can be used for treating a wide variety of raw material feeds. Besides the nickel matte, it can easily be modified to treat different nickel-containing concentrates and intermediates. At the heart of the process is the regeneration of ammonia and hydrochloric acid, which decreases operational expenses while simultaneously providing excellent metal recovery. The atmospheric operating environment helps to minimize initial capital investment, and Outotec is able to supply the majority of the key equipment. The Outotec PROSCON® automation solution enables fast plant ramp-up, smooth operation, and high-quality end products. The combined offering of proprietary equipment and ongoing services and support maximizes the operational availability of the solution, increases profitable operations, and provides customers with a faster return on investment.

Key benefits

  • Tailored and optimized technology solutions for the entire production chain, from raw materials to end products
  • Production of high-quality nickel end products, saleable by-products, and stable residues
  • Fast, smooth plant ramp-up and operation
  • Advanced automation minimizes operating costs
  • Testing, engineering, process design, and equipment and automation solutions from a single provider
  • Closed process circuit minimizes waste production and optimizes water usage

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