Metso Corporate Newsroom News 2015 Outotec designed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant in operation in Turkey
Product news December 17, 2015

Outotec designed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant in operation in Turkey

Outotec's fluidized bed technology used in a new 90 MWth paper residuals incinerator and cogeneration plant in Turkey helps reduce emissions and avoids landfill disposal.

Modern Karton, a subsidiary of Eren Holding, is one of the major European manufacturers of packaging paper and corrugated cardboard materials from waste paper. The company operates several paper machines at its production facilities in Çorlu, 90 km northwest of Istanbul. Eren Holding selected Outotec to design and build a new cogeneration plant on a turnkey basis. The plant was handed over to the client in October 2015.

The incinerator designed by Outotec uses by-products such as paper rejects, biological sludge and paper sludge from Modern Karton. The cogeneration plant produces electricity for the network and steam, which is used as energy in the paper production. The new paper residuals incineration plant complies with the strict environmental standards set by the European Union.

Sustainable waste-to-energy solution

The plant utilizes 450,000 tons per year of residuals from paper recycling to produce up to 27 MW of electricity for the paper machines. The fully refractory-lined fluidized bed incinerator allows highly flexible operations by accepting a broad range of fuel types in terms of the feed material. In addition Outotec's open-nozzle grid configuration allows debris such as metals, glass, and stones to be removed during operation without unnecessary shutdowns.

Benefits of Outotec Bubbling Fluidized Bed Incinerator

  • Low lifetime costs
  • Highly efficient use of fuel
  • Cost savings through recycled residues
  • Avoids landfill disposal costs for waste production
  • Produces minimal environmental emissions

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Outotec designed (CHP) plant in operation in Turkey