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Converter Hood System

The Metso Converter Hood System is designed for smelting plants with converter solutions. The system ensures a well-controlled ingress air flow that improves process gas quality, while the advanced water-cooling system increases reliability, reduces maintenance needs and prolongs equipment lifetime.

The Metso Converter Hood System has a minimum SO2 gas capture capability of 99%, minimizing environmental impact and improving health and safety in the converter aisle. The modular design enables quick on-site assembly and means the system is ready to use in the shortest possible time.


  • Excellent SO2 gas capture for outstanding environmental performance with a focus on health and safety
  • Well-controlled ingress air flow for improved process gas quality
  • Prolonged equipment lifetime thanks to advanced water-cooling system
  • Reliable operation with low maintenance needs
  • Easy on-site assembly and short installation time thanks to modular design
  • Backed by expert service and support


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Excellent SO2 gas capture

A minimum SO2 gas capture of 99% results in a converter aisle with low fugitive emissions and a considerably less harsh environment for personnel. The hydraulically operated sliding doors are precisely and smoothly positioned to allow for optimal in the system.

Improved process gas quality

The overall ingress airflow into the Primary Converter Hood enters under the front sliding door during blowing. The closed back-flap and tight fitting of the Primary Converter Hood to the converter mouth control the flow of ingress air, improving process gas quality in terms of SO2 concentration.

Prolonged lifetime and reduced maintenance needs

The primary converter hood side panel design and advanced water-cooling system reduce maintenance needs and prolong the lifetime of the equipment. The system eliminates condensation, acidic corrosion, and dust build-ups.

Quick and easy installation

Modules are pre-assembled and tested at the factory to enable quick and easy on-site assembly and installation, minimizing production downtime.

Low lifecycle cost

  • Environmental benefits, such as increased production with lower emissions
  • Swift and easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lifetime

Expert service and support

Metso experts are available to provide support during commissioning of the Converter Hood System and comprehensive training for operators and management to ensure the maximum benefits of the system are realized. Metso can also provide ongoing technical support and service as part of a service agreement.


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