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Screen and vibrating feeder inspections

Do you want to see this on your screens or feeders?

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Undetected issues can lead to equipment damage, increased repair costs, HSE problems, unplanned downtime, bad end-product quality, and production losses at your production plant.

Avoid undetected issues

Rely on Metso to keep your feeders and screens running. Avoid unplanned issues and emergency stops with regular screen and vibrating feeder inspections.

  • A bad distribution of the feed material will give uneven wear and thus a shorter wear life of your equipment
  • Problems with suspension springs generate incorrect screen movement reducing its performance
  • Blinding and pegging of the screening media = severe underperformance of throughput and consequent production capacity
  • Torn screen cloths cause incorrect sizes to pass through and quality issues in the end product

Vibrating equipment inspections as Your Road to Trouble-free Operations

Higher vibrating equipment availablity

Reduced maintenance costs

Optimized end product quality

Preventive maintenance and proactive repairs

Regular inspections improve efficiency

Every quarry or mine wants a long life of its vibrating equipment and we all know these machines usually operate in harsh conditions. Many factors can have an impact on their efficiency and longevity so it’s crucial to keep a constant eye on those factors.

Our expert technicians are equipped with the right tools and trained to perform inspections in the safest way. They can perform simple safety and surroundings inspections or do more thorough inspections with your equipment stopped or running in loaded and empty conditions. Extremely detailed checklists are used for these inspections aiming at finding the slightest problems a screen or feeder can have and help you save in many cases a lot of valuable time and money.

Checks we recommend you perform on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis*:
Checks we recommend you perform on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis*:
  • correct feed distribution on the screen
  • feed size
  • material bed depth
  • feed humidity
  • condition of the springs and all bolts joints
  • oil or grease levels
  • bearing temperatures
  • drive system
  • vibrator mechanisms
  • condition of the screening media and reporting this into our ScreenPlanner software

* Refer to the manual you’ve received with your equipment to find the complete list

Checks to be performed by professionals
  • All of above mentioned checks
  • A Screencheck® inspection (see below) including
    • vibrating stroke
    • stroke angle
    • natural frequency measurements
    • steel structure measurements
  • Checking current screen performance against expected performance: identify shortfalls, likely causes and potential corrective actions
  • Check if installed screening media and wear linings are the most appropriate for your production process
Checks to be performed by professionals

Expert report with recommendations

After each inspection performed by our Metso experts, you will always receive a report with valuable information. Every report we make always contains recommendations that will help you optimize your vibrating equipment to increase efficiency, productivity, and longevity. Having done thousands of inspections, we’ve discovered that little changes regularly have a big and positive influence on your operations.

Together with your team, we can also develop site-specific maintenance plans including task lists that will make sure your plant is running efficiently and your screens are performing at their best. Sharing our expertise and knowledge with you is what we always try to do aiming at making your people experts too.

Check the video
Check out this video and see how a Screencheck is performed.


Some specific tests on screens can be done with our ScreenCheck®-tool. ScreenCheck® is a hand-held electronic testing device featuring wireless electronic sensors and automated software that precisely measures and analyzes the dynamic performance of vibratory screens. All our technicians and most of the sales representatives carry this tool with them. Are you interested in having someone from Metso test your screen, then let us know by clicking the green button at the bottom of this page.

Which are the most common factors that affect your screening process? How to optimize the performance of your screening over the long term? How to improve your screening efficiency immediately? Discover the answers in this webinar!

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