Metso Corporate About us Purpose, vision & values

Purpose, vision and values


The purpose of Metso is to enable sustainable modern life, and we aim to create solutions to accelerate sustainability in the industries we operate in. Our businesses are driven by the megatrends of urbanization, electrification, sustainability and resource scarcity. Our products and services are used in aggregates, minerals processing and metals refining processes to produce materials for the building materials of the modern world.


Metso’s vision is to be the customers’ number one choice for sustainable use of earth’s natural resources. Together we deliver service, reliability, innovation and results – safely. We aim to be a valuable partner for our customers, and we commit to take action in sustainability in our industry and to deliver results to all our stakeholders in a safe manner.


Metso culture

Our ambition is to build a thriving culture that is inclusive and where everyone can do their best and reach their full potential. To put it simple: A culture that our people aspire to be part of.

  • We have high ambition in all we do – we innovate, we speak up, we are thought leaders, we are problem solvers
  • Our ambition is to create the right environment to enable our people to succeed and to reach their full potential. Contributing to that are our supportive colleagues, our values, our leaders, the growth opportunities, and a special focus on diversity and inclusion.
  • We care for our people, for the society around us and we care for the environment. Well-being of our people is a priority, and we have many initiatives constantly ongoing to make sure our people are doing well. We are here to ”enable sustainable modern life”. With our sustainable technologies and services, we can really have an impact in the future of this planet.

Our culture is built on:

  • Our values guide our everyday decisions and way of working. They are the guiding principles we expect everyone to act accordingly, and we believe that by living our values we will build a common, thriving culture.
  • Our Leadership Principles that set the expectation for how our leaders support and enable the success and growth of our people and business: Put People first, Create clarity and simplify, Build bridges and Drive growth.
  • Diversity and inclusion defines our commitment to developing a workplace where everyone can be their genuine selves.

We are committed to creating sustainable, modern working life for our employees – an environment where everyone can raise above what was possible yesterday!

Our values are:


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