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As the world's population continues to increase, so will the demand for nutritious foods. Fertilizers play an essential role to allow high quality crops to grow and create high yields of such crops. Metso Outotec understands the importance of the role we play in the value chain and enabling growth of modern life through food.

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Do you understand the journey fertilizers go through? Check out our infographic to learn more!

Fertilizers are well known for the results they bring mainly to crops. The consumer will see what the end product fertilizer, but do they really know what is in it? There are different compounds and minerals that go into fertilizers, and each one brings added benefits that overall will benefit the end crops they are used on. There are three key components in fertilizers: Nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. Let Metso Outotec simplify what each component does.


Nitrogen (N) is known as the component that improves the growth and yield of crops. Nitrogen is the primary and most important piece of the fertilizer puzzle. It is featured in all key stages of plant development, protein and yield formation. Nitrogen is also what leads to optimal crop size for farmers.


Phosphate (P) is the component in fertilizers that simply makes crops mature quicker and will improve the overall quality of such crops. Phosphates are needed for root development, cell division and is essential for phtosynthesis. If there is a shortage of phosphates in fertilizers this can limit the availability.


Potassium (P), also known as Potash, is responsible for keeping the crops healthy and also improves the quality. Potassium activates a number of enzymes that play a key role in carbohydrate and protein synthesis. It also strengthens stems and roots, while adding flavor and color to food crops. 

Lifecycle of fertilizers

Fertilizers play an essential role in our everyday lives. Without them, we would not have the food supply to keep up with the demand that our growing population needs to live our daily lives. But the fertilizer industry is facing various challenges that must be overcome. Low crop prices, changing dietary habits, stricter regulations on fertilizer usage, production costs are increasing and more.

Metso Outotec understands these challenges and has the experience to help your operations push through challenges to exceed your goals. But where does Metso Outotec play a role in the fertilizer value chain? 


Exploration, extraction and transportation of the material. This process involves drilling and blasting, extracting and then using material handling equipment to deliver the material to be further processed. This can involve two tracks: Potash and phosphates.

Metso Outotec has the ability to help in these critical initial stages. Ranging from our Process Optimization (PRO) group to our Metso Truck Bodies and material handling equipment. All make sure your operation is running efficient and maximzing operations from the beginning.


Processing of the material involves differrent stages of crushing, screening, grinding and beneficiation. Well known in the mining industry, Metso Outotec provides industry leading solutions.

Our comminution solutions porfolio is comprehensive and reliable for fertilizer applications to maximize size reduction, screening efficiency and energy efficient grinding. Beneficiation in fertilizers will mainly focus on separation and flotation, which our highly-efficient equipment can help to increase recovery rates.


Blending focuses on the granulation and acidulation of the process. Metso Outotec provides pyro processing equipment such as rotary drums that have been best applied in the fertilizer industry.

To learn more about the granulation process and proper equipment selection, read our blog.

End use and land reclamation

We all understand the end uses of fertilizers, and then also the result of those end uses to produce nutrious crops for us to consume. Land reclamation does occur in some countries, where the land that is mined will be used for various other applications.

Metso Outotec has become a trusted partner with some of the largest and most well-known fertilizer producing companies in the world. We help maximize performance and productivity for the mining, processing and blending stages of the process. For more information about how Metso Outotec can help your operations, contact us below!

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