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Press release November 14, 2006

New HSC Chemistry(R) 6.0

Outokumpu Technology has just released a new version of the renowned HSC Chemistry® process calculation software which enables the user to simulate the whole chemical or physical process. The new HSC Chemistry® 6.0 contains 21 calculation modules and 11 databases for reaction, equilibrium, heat balance, heat transfer, petrological and simulation applications. The extensive thermochemical database has also been expanded to include over 20,000 species.

    A Great Step forward for Green Chemistry
The rapid increase in the standard of living in the developing world means that more and more natural resources are required. Consequently we need new technology and better scientific tools in order to conserve the diversity and beauty of nature, and to simultaneously allow increased consumption by large population groups in all nations.
The new HSC flowsheet simulation module makes it possible to optimize process output and minimize waste materials, identify metering errors and improve the understanding of process interdependencies. HSC may be used to rapidly focus expensive experimental research towards ideal process conditions, for example, in chemistry, metallurgy, mineral processing, energy production and many other areas of industry.
The HSC flowsheet enables the pre-test simulation of the effect of recycling streams, raw materials and different operating conditions on process efficiency and emissions, all on a desktop computer without needing to disrupt the actual process. In short, HSC may be used to convert hazardous waste materials into valuable raw materials.

    32 Years of Experience
HSC Chemistry was originally developed for Outokumpu Technology as an in-house tool. This work started back in 1974, when equilibrium compositions of sulfur plant flue gases had to be estimated. Since then, new calculation modules and databases have been developed according to the needs of hundreds of different research projects. A large number of experts, programmers and university students have participated in the software development and database compilation work within the last 32 years.
The development of the new flowsheet simulation modules started in 2002, more than 30 process simulation models have already been created using the new flowsheet simulation module before this Autumn's release of the latest HSC version to the public.

    Pricing and Availability
The HSC 6 license is available from the Outokumpu Technology Web site for a price of 1190 Euros. HSC 6 is an invaluable tool for any process engineer or scientist because one laboratory experiment may cost much more than a single HSC license. For more information, please visit the HSC Web site or send an email to:

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