Metso Corporate Newsroom News 2006 New copper processing technology for Cobre Las Cruces, Spain
Press release July 24, 2006

New copper processing technology for Cobre Las Cruces, Spain

Outokumpu Technology has been chosen as lead technology supplier for the greenfield copper processing plant being built near Seville by Cobre Las Cruces S.A., a subsidiary of Inmet Mining Corporation. The value of Outokumpu Technology's delivery is approximately EUR 45 million.

After successful basic engineering for the copper plant completed earlier, Outokumpu Technology's scope of technology delivery covers process know-how and key equipment in grinding, thickening, leaching, Outokumpu VSFTM solvent extraction, tankfarm and electrowinning plant. Outokumpu Technology will also provide related supervisory services for all implementation phases from installation to commissioning.

Cobre Las Cruces, currently the only greenfield copper project in Europe, is scheduled to begin production in early 2008. The new plant will produce annually 72,000 tonnes of LME grade A copper cathodes.

"Our unique research facilities and experts have been fundamental in developing the process technology and customizing it for the client's specific needs. As a result we are able to offer an economically and environmentally viable process for exploiting the Cobre Las Cruces deposit", says Tapani Järvinen, President and CEO of Outokumpu Technology.

Outokumpu Technology's modern process for hydrometallurgical copper production has several benefits: it offers high yields, low operating costs and flexible operation. The leaching technology has been especially developed for the Cobre Las Cruces ore and the electrowinning section is equipped with Acid Mist Capturing System in order to meet the strict environmental demands.

Since launching VSFTM technology a decade ago, Outokumpu Technology has gained a significant market share of new copper solvent extraction applications. The process is already in use in Chile, USA, Laos and Finland, and at start-up phase in Mexico.

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