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Stock exchange release February 5, 2007

January - December 2006 Financial statements review



Strong demand for minerals and metals processing technologies and products continued in 2006. Outokumpu Technology achieved 33% annual sales growth and 112% operating profit growth for the period.

Highlights of the reporting period (Q1-Q4) and the fourth quarter (Q4):
- Order intake grew by 52% from the previous year totaling EUR 1,032.2 million (Q1-Q4/2005: EUR 678.5 million). The fourth quarter order intake totaled EUR 235.3 million (Q4/2005: EUR 259.8 million).
- Order backlog was EUR 866.4 million (December 31, 2005: EUR 596.0 million), up 45%.
- Sales for Q1-Q4 2006 came to EUR 740.4 million (Q1-Q4/2005: EUR 556.2 million). Sales amounted to EUR 239.6 million in the fourth quarter (Q4/2005: EUR 206.4 million).
- Operating profit improved by 112% to EUR 51.6 million (Q1-Q4/2005: EUR 24.3 million), with EUR 23.0 million generated in the fourth quarter (Q4/2005: EUR 22.2 million). Profit before taxes amounted to EUR 56.6 million (Q1-Q4/2005: EUR 25.6 million). Earnings per share were EUR 0.88 for the reporting period (Q1-Q4/2005: EUR 0.39).
- Net cash flow from operating activities totaled EUR 67.8 million (Q1-Q4/2005: EUR 80.2 million).
- The Board of Directors will propose a dividend of EUR 0.35 per share for 2006.

CEO, Tapani Järvinen:
"We were able to benefit from the growth in global metals demand and enjoyed an extremely good year. Our customers in the mining and metallurgical industry invested in modernization and expansions, new production plants, and new technologies, taking our order intake to record heights. Our sales grew by 33 percent in 2006, which further strengthened our market share, particularly for iron ore sintering and pelletizing technologies. We set new records in relation to key business indicators - orders, sales, and profits. It was also delightful to see the fruits of our extensive R&D work when the customers invested in our new hydrometallurgical technologies. In addition, we met all our financial targets in 2006. The operating profit margin moved up some three-percentage points from the previous year's level and was 7 percent in 2006. The balance sheet remained strong as well, and our earnings per share more than doubled from 2005. The listing of Outokumpu Technology on the Helsinki Stock Exchange was a great success from both the company's point of view and that of our shareholders."

The mining and metals industry remains robust and the underlying supply and demand imbalance encourages the industry to invest both in greenfield projects and expansions. Outokumpu Technology's strong existing and growing order backlog provides a solid base for 2007. Due to the timing issues in certain projects, some projects that were assumed to become effective during the fourth quarter of 2006, and strengthen the existing backlog even further, are expected to be closed during the first quarter of 2007. Management is confident that the company has the resources and capacity to meet the expected further growth in its market in 2007. 

In 2007, the management expects similar sales growth than during 2006. Operating profit will grow clearly from 2006.

The complete January-September 2006 Financial Statements Review can be downloaded at

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Briefing for analystS and media
Welcome to a briefing at which CEO Tapani Järvinen and CFO Vesa-Pekka Takala will present the fourth quarter and financial statements 2006.

Date: Monday, February 5, 2007
Time: 3.30 pm (GMT+2)
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