Metso Corporate Newsroom News 2009 Outotec acquired 19.9% of shares in Ausmelt Ltd and launched an off-market takeover bid to acquire all shares
December 10, 2009

Outotec acquired 19.9% of shares in Ausmelt Ltd and launched an off-market takeover bid to acquire all shares


Outotec acquired 19.9% of shares in Ausmelt Ltd and launched an
off-market takeover bid to acquire all shares

Outotec acquired 19.9% of the outstanding shares in Australian public
company Ausmelt Ltd from the interests associated with the company
founder Dr John Floyd. In addition, Outotec has today launched an
off-market takeover bid ("Offer") to acquire all shares in Ausmelt
Ltd. The Ausmelt shareholders are offered cash consideration of AUD
0.85 per share. In the Offer Ausmelt is valued at AUD 34 million
(approximately EUR 21 million).

One of Outotec's general strategic growth initiatives is acquisition
of complementary technologies. Ausmelt's principal activities are the
development, design, engineering and supply of Top Submerged Lance
(TSL) smelting technology for the production of metals and processing
of industrial wastes. Ausmelt's TSL technology complements Outotec's
smelting technology portfolio. Outotec has currently flash smelting
technology for copper and nickel concentrate smelting in large scale
plants, whereas Ausmelt's TSL method is suitable also for a variety
of other feed materials, such as ferrous metals, zinc, lead and tin
concentrates, zinc bearing residues, and various secondary and waste
materials. The significant benefit of the process is that it enables
the recovery of valuable metals from by-products.

"Ausmelt has an excellent strategic fit with Outotec. Once completed,
this acquisition will improve our technology portfolio in
environmentally sound smelting technologies, and allows us to offer
smaller scale copper and nickel smelters as well as solutions for
recycling, secondary materials and process wastes. We believe that
within Outotec there are significant growth opportunities for the
Ausmelt technology," says Tapani Järvinen, CEO of Outotec.

The acquisition of Ausmelt will not affect Outotec's outlook or
financial result in 2009 and neither will it have a material impact
on Outotec's financial position. The transaction is expected to be
finalized in the first quarter of 2010.

Information regarding the companies

Outotec is a leading international developer and provider of
technologies for the mining and metallurgical industries. It offers
innovative and environmentally sound plants, processes, equipment and
services to its customers worldwide. Outotec's sales in 2008 amounted
to approximately EUR 1.2 billion and the company has approximately
2,500 employees in 21 countries. Outotec's headquarters are located
in Espoo, Finland. Outotec is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki and its
market capitalization on December 9, 2009 was approximately EUR 920
million. Additional information at

Ausmelt is established in 1981, listed on the ASX and has its head
office in Melbourne, Australia. Ausmelt is best known for its Top
Submerged Lance (TSL) smelting technology, which was invented by its
founder and current Non-Executive Deputy Chairman, Dr John Floyd. The
TSL smelting technology is a high-intensity bath smelting technique
with wide application in the non-ferrous, ferrous and precious metals
industries. In the reporting period July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009,
Ausmelt's sales from the continuing operations amounted to AUD 18.4
million and pre-tax profit was AUD 4.3 million. The company has
approximately 40 employees. Additional information at

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