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Product news March 23, 2012

Outotec launches the world's largest pressure filter

Outotec has upscaled the proven Outotec Larox pressure filtration technology to larger scale. The Outotec Larox PF 180 series filters are now 50% larger than the previous model. The Outotec Larox PF is at its best in applications such as tailings filtration, fine ore concentrates and large scale metal concentrates.

Outotec Larox PF 180

The Outotec Larox PF 180 weights 160 tons, is almost 9 meters high and 9 meters long. The maximum filtration area is up to 252m², with individual plate size of 9m². PF 180 can hold up to 28 plates with 60mm chambers at maximum.

An essential part in the PF 180, as in all filters, is the filter media. The filter cloth of PF 180 is continuous, 200 meters long and has only one seam. Outotec provides its own Cloth line, developed and designed for the PF filter and meeting the demands of the process. The automation system of the PF 180 has also been brought to a new level with interactive self diagnostic features, user manuals and electronic spare parts catalogue with 3D images.

Outotec Larox PF filters have a proven track record of over 1000 filters delivered. PF is known for low operating cost, dry cake with 100% cake discharge and clear filtrate. Outotec Larox PF is reliable, and now combined with even larger capacity with small floor space requirements resulting in lower cost per ton.

Outotec provides a solution to the market demand, where ore grades are declining and at the same time demand for metals is growing. More advanced technologies are needed to process the greater quantities. In addition, mines and plants are expanding, and due to tightening legislation and general ecological attitudes towards waste handling, the demand for more efficient processes at greater capacity has increased.

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Efficient solid-liquid separation technology leads to both economical and environmental benefits. Outotec Larox filters and filtration solutions are designed in such a way that in most of the processes they help to achieve significant savings in energy and/or water consumption. Efficient filtration also leads to better quality waste water, thus reducing the environmental burden.

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