Metso Corporate Newsroom News 2012 Outotec releases Outotec Larox® Filtration Plants - One stop shop for sustainable plants
Product news March 21, 2012

Outotec releases Outotec Larox® Filtration Plants - One stop shop for sustainable plants

Outotec is proud to announce - The Outotec Larox Filtration Plant: a standardized and proven filtration plant concept that offers customers a one-stop shop for sustainable plants. Outotec has developed the concept of the Filtration Plant in modular format, which enables the ideal configuration according to the scope, scale-up and technological specification of each plant.

Proven technology combined with standardization leads to efficiency

Outotec has a long track record in specifying filtration solutions and process applications. The solutions are based on Outotec's own proven technology and reliable third party components.

Plants that are based on standardized solution concepts have the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership/operation) in the industry. In addition, there are no gray areas as Outotec takes care of the required phases of FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) of all sub-systems and support systems for the customer. Therefore, Outotec Larox Filtration Plant concept offers accurate cost estimations and payback time calculations.

Outotec portfolio consists of standardized filtration plant concepts, and therefore it is very straightforward to configure the most feasible solution for the customer and generate the required documentation from the base material. To the customer this means better response time, shorter FEED execution and better risk management than the competitors can provide. The vast equipment and application portfolio and highly-refined base documentation guarantee required documentation for a standalone filtration plant cost- and time-efficiently.

The Filtration Plant design phases can be offered as a part of a bigger Outotec delivery or directly to the end customer.

The compact and efficient design has various sustainability features built in, such as water solutions and dust control, to maximizing recycling and providing a safe plant. The plant concept responds to the market demand for fast track, efficient and modular plant design and delivery.

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Efficient solid-liquid separation technology leads to both economical and environmental benefits. Outotec Larox filters and filtration solutions are designed in such a way that in most of the processes they help to achieve significant savings in energy and/or water consumption. Efficient filtration also leads to better quality waste water, thus reducing the environmental burden.

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