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Product news April 2, 2012

Outotec presents 500 m³ TankCell®

A big addition to Outotec TankCell® portfolio

The TankCell family offers the widest size range on the market from 5 m³ to 500 m³ and the symmetrical design allows a flexible layout. The new large TankCell e500 has been scaled up from smaller TankCells by using the same rules that made the previous world's largest flotation machine TankCell e300 an immediate success.

The Outotec TankCell e500 has been designed for projects with high material throughputs where the number of cells needed for operation with smaller equipment becomes big. Typical applications being large copper and gold operations.

The TankCell e500 customers benefit from lower capital expenditures due to lower equipment costs, savings in plant footprint, less installation work with less auxiliary equipment, lower energy consumption, and less units per installation results in less components and spare parts and less maintenance.

With the TankCell e500 Outotec provides a solution to the market demand of increased capacity and volume, by offering its same well reputed technologies at larger capacity. This means less equipment is needed to do more work.

100 years of Outotec flotation technology experience
Outotec Flotation experience traces back 100 years to 1912, when Flotation technique was started to be used in Outokumpu's Orijärvi mine. Outokumpu (now Outotec) started to develop the current Flotation technology used. Small capacity-low recoveries, with high costs of operating and maintaining the small cells, encouraged the development.

Today Outotec has over 10 000 flotation units installed worldwide. Outotec TankCell flotation machines meet all the requirements set for superior flotation performance - Proven metallurgy, easy operation, safety and maintenance, and low power consumption. The cylindrical TankCell flotation machines excel in performance in all duties in rougher, scavenger, and cleaner circuits. Flexible design of TankCell product family enables tailoring of the equipment for all applications.

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